Spring has finally arrived here in the South and I find myself in the mood for some light, fresh wines. I was introduced this week to some that are perfect for spring: Viña do Campo and Viña Mein. These are Spanish white wines from the region of Ribeiro, and just now available in the United States. One of the varietals from this area that you may be familiar with is albariño, and it's one of the grapes in the Viña Mein blend.

Both of these wines were very aromatic and fruity. They aren't overly sweet, but have a lot of fruit flavor. Typically I like a white wine that is a little more acidic, so I was surprised that I liked both of these so much. Chef José Andrés, a spokesperson for Ribeiro wines, recommends pairing these white wines with seafood dishes. Because they're both very aromatic and fruity, I think they would be better with more robust-flavored fish or shellfish rather than mild-flavored fish. Chef Andrés recommends pairing Ribeiro whites with mussels, oysters, and sushi made with tuna. He also thinks that ribs and Ribeiro make a great match.

Last year at a wine tasting I attended, the rep recommended that we all start drinking more Spanish wines because they're high-quality wines and very affordable. At less than $20 a bottle, both of these Ribeiro wines meet my budget requirements, and they are wonderful! So come on. Break out of your chardonnay habit and try something new. It's a great way to welcome spring. And check out these wine and food pairings for Easter before the weekend arrives.