In the latest episode of Mom Vs., Nicole tries out one of Ninja Foodi’s latest products: a grill that also air fries. To see how it compares to a gas grill, she cooks steak and chicken on each one, side by side. No matter which grill you’re using, follow these tips so your food comes out perfect every time.

Oil up correctly
Oil is key to keeping food from sticking to the grill, which no one wants to deal with. However, instead of putting it directly on the grate, coat your food in oil before it hits the grill. This is especially important with starchier foods like vegetables.

Let steak rest
Just like you wouldn’t eat food directly off the stove, you shouldn’t transfer steak directly from your grill to the plate.Steaks need to rest on a cutting board so their juices won’t leak all over you when you’re eating them. Don’t let them sit too long, though, because they’ll get cold. Ten minutes is optimal here.

Build a better burger
Make the best possible burger before you even set it on the grill. At the store, look for a fattier ground chuck, which will yield juicier patties. Don’t be afraid to add seasoning before you start cooking: Mixing in some salt, pepper, or even a seasoning blend like ranch powder will help make your beef irresistible. 

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