Nicole takes on the miniature world of children's fast food with Yummy Nummies. Can her vast culinary knowledge carry her through this challenge, or will she down her wine and go home? - - Let's see what my challenge is today. Yummy Nummies, mini kitchen magic. What is this? Tastes like a real burger. Oh this is not a toy, this is real food. This is like a jelly bean that tastes like cheeseburgers. Do we know? Does anyone know? - [Narrator] It's like gummy bear consistency, but it's supposed to taste like the burger. - That's disgusting. I think my daughter's friend does these. Oh it says it only takes 15 seconds. Gonna take me that long to open the box. Is this like modern-day Easy Bake Oven. I should probably eat this when I'm on a diet. So we're going to make burger, fries, cheese, ketchup, soda all out of these packets. I might throw up. Now, are these safe to eat? - [Narrator] You're not getting out of eating it. - Open the burger 032 packet. Doesn't this look like a burger? Sounds like a burger. So far I'm okay with it and a little bit grossed out because it is starting to look like ground beef. This is really gross. I don't understand what this stuff is. Doesn't that look appetizing? How much are these? - [Narrator] I think it was around $15. - I'm already bored. - [Narrator] Think it would be more exciting if you were doing it with your daughter? - No, I would probably be super frustrated because I'd be like, "No wait, it only says three scoops." What would really make me mad is they would've already messed up and then wasted my $15. Oh. It wasn't half a scoop of cheese, it was just half a square scoop of water. I didn't think it was gonna need this. Straight chefin'. I don't think I smoothed my buns out evenly, they're a little uneven. Flatten the cheese mixture onto the wax paper sheet. Did I get a wax paper sheet? No, I think it came with it. Oh I bet this is it. I bet this little piece of paper that you would just assume is garbage is the sheet to make the cheese. How did I not know that? I still think this would probably be good for fine-tuning your motor skills. And one of my children who will not be named could use a little help with that. I don't think these are made for 30-something year old hens. I'd like to use a lifeline here and call my daughter's friend, Aubrey. This does not like the picture. Open the fries, 029. The instructions are kind of like Legos. You just do one step at a time and each step has it's own set of instructions. I like that for the kid 'cause they can stop at any point. Except you keep forgetting where you're at. I'm not gonna lie, I'll probably buy one of these kits for my kids, just because I'm curious. I've got to do my fries right. Time for another sip. Don't comment. We're almost done, people. They could've just put a packet of ketchup in here. That is weird. This is very grainy ketchup. - [Narrator] What does it remind you of? - I probably shouldn't say. This is Instagram worthy, what's it called, Gramable? What's it called? Okay let's make the drink. These sound like Pop Rocks. Good idea Mummy Nummies, Yummy Nummies. They smell like cola candies. I did it. I think with a little skill I could make mine look like this box. Let me try the fry first dipped in the ketchup. That ketchup is weird. Tastes like flat coke. It's very spongey. I would not say it tastes like real burger and fries. I don't think I can really talk about it. The more I talk about it it's kind of like free living. All in all it's a pretty good idea. I know who might like this little meal. It's jut the right size for my little Groot friend. I'm gonna leave you to finish the rest. I'll take this. - Groot. Mom vs. Thanksgiving
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