Nicole says that cooking for kids is like being a short-order cook. Now she gets to eat her words, as she tries out cooking at the Waffle House. Will her cooking background save her, or is she way over her head?

- - Everyone's got a good waffle house story, but I'm here to create a new one of my own today. As moms, we always feel like short order cooks, but for some reason, I think this is gonna be a little bit harder. First things first, I've gotta get dressed to play the part. Alright, I'm suited up, washed up, and ready to go. Luke, what are we gonna start with? - Nicole, you're in uniform, so we're gonna go ahead and get started here. The first thing she's gonna do is tell you how much meat she's gonna have. So she might say, pull one bacon, and we gotta pull three strips of bacon. - Okay. - Alright. - That's the pull. Can we just stick to bacon and sausage today? - Absolutely. - Okay, good. - Absolutely. So now that you've got your meat pulled, we're gonna go ahead into our drop. So if they have any hashbrowns coming out in their order, - Drop just refers to hashbrowns. - Just refers to hashbrowns. - I love a good hashbrown. - So if she says drop three hashbrowns, we're gonna go ahead and put three hashbrowns scattered on the-- - [Nicole] Three ordered. - So we've already got our meat started, our hashbrowns cooking, now she's gonna tell us how to assemble the plates. So if she called the order scrambled, she would have just put a jelly packet at the bottom of the plate. - [Nicole] Okay. - [Luke] And that tells us two eggs scrambled. - Scrambled. - With toast and grits. - Woo! Look, I need a chart. - [Luke] We actually have one. - Oh. - Helps some people-- - Oh right, we're gonna need a bit of that. Okay good. I just got the fastest speed training course, and they're about to give me my first real order. I hope my boss here brought the credit card cause he's gonna be buying a lot of people's lunches today. - You got this? - Alright, I got it now. - Let's do it. - I got this. - Pull one sausage. One and a half bacon, one ham, Texas bacon lover's BLT plate, scattered well, smothered and covered, - I've already lost it. triple scrambled cheese. - Half raisin, half wheat, dry, tomatoes instead. - All I know is the bacon and sausage. This might be the first challenge that really gets me. - [Luke] You broke the yolk. You gotta start over. - Chill out for a minute. You make my kids look like angels. This is hard stuff, y'all. That was terrible. All right, this is the judge's panel. Oh she did good on a few things, we'll give her a half way on that. - She fought through it. - Yeah she did. We've had some people walk out. - Yup. - I won't walk out, I'm not a quitter. Look, my kids do not have this many choices. The only order I take is how do you want your eggs? They even do the dishes. Now I really do feel like I'm at home. That's what I'm talking about. Alright, I'm taking my first real order with no help. And I'll probably be eating it myself. Okay, I'm ready. - [Woman] Pull one sausage. - Okay, drop. - [Woman] One hashbrown scattered. Mark, order scrambled cheese plate. - See, if everyone would just be quiet, then I could think. Is it two or three eggs? Two, unless you say triple. Doing good. Don't jinx me now. I feel like I'm forgetting something. Order up. - [Luke] Looks great. - How did I do? - You did wonderful. I'd let our customers eat this. I think I'm gonna actually dive in right now. - Taking orders here makes taking orders from my kids look like a dream job. Maybe I'll take up this marking system at home. They're gonna come put their little packets on the plate, and I don't want to hear a word. Watch your show, wait till your food's ready. These orders fly in here lightning fast, and my brain just doesn't work like that. Too busy worrying about dance practice, work, gymnastics, soccer. Like I said, everyone has a good Waffle House story, but this might be my best one yet. I might not have earned the red cap, but I'm keeping it anyway. - [Luke] Don't break the yolk. - I won't if you would just let me do what I gotta do. - Like that. - This is not the way I was taught to make omelets. Mom vs Holiday Gift Guide
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