Nicole goes full vegan today as she cooks up a meatless burger. And with her are some return taste testers who are eager to try her creation.
  - - Hey guys. Love this new challenge method. It better not be moving, whatever is under there. Oh, this is like lettuce. Tomato. Eww. What is it? It's like rotten meat or something. Oh, burger. Making a burger? I love a burger! No! A Beyond Meat burger. No meat in a burger? Why can't I do something normal? I will eat some of these things if I'm trying to, like, eat a vegan burger. But I'm not going to eat this and pretend that it's beef. Ugh. The ingredients. Pea protein isolate. Why do we have to put coconut oil in everything? Potato starch. Maltodextrin. It must be natural if this was at Whole Foods. Beet juice extract for color. See, that's what gets these things red. Oof. Smells like it could be meat, but not like fresh ground beef. Maybe, kind of rancid ground beef. But if you're a vegetarian or a vegan, I thought the reason that you choose that dietary lifestyle, because you don't like meat. So why do we try to copy all things meat? Okay, I'm not dissin'. To each his own. I'm gonna pretend that I can't eat meat, but I really want a burger. Alright, so, I'm going to make this like I would a regular burger. It almost smells like there's beer or something in here too. I'm like a medium to medium-well. My husband likes it a little more bleeding out. So, I don't think these will do that. - [Girl] Actually, those Beyond Burgers are also called bleeding burgers. - Because that's what every vegetarian and vegan want to see, is the blood coming out of the meat. I might be pleasantly surprised. I mean, I remember when I was in like, college, I was so healthy, that I would eat those Boca Burgers. And they were, like, made out of soy, but I would choose the ones that had like the grill marks on it, so that it tasted like a flame grilled burger. I gotta do something to mask this smell. Oh wee! Welp, it's kinda fallin' apart. Smells like it's burning. Alright, I'm going to flip-a-roo. It's got a nice crust on it. Lookin' like a burger! So, I appreciate people who do like meat, but just can't have it, so in that case, this would probably be a good option. Gonna toast my buns. Soak up some of that meat grease. Now these kind of smell like that, great. Oh, it's bleeding just like a burger. They've really got us fooled. I'm gonna go full vegan today. I'm gonna put a little vegan cheese on my cheeseburger. I'm even goin' veganaise here. I'm gonna make this just the way I would my burger. I follow the everything in moderation diet, because the minute you tell me to eat a certain way, I want whatever the opposite is. I live to eat. I do not eat to live. I love raw onion on my burger, and I'm hoping that cuts a little bit of that pretend meat. I'm pretty sure ketchup is vegan. Woo! And a little mustard, which I also think is vegan. It looks good. I'm gonna, you know, stay optimistic here. I'm like a little bit nervous, and a little excited at the same time. First bite reminds me of the Boca Burger. I'm gonna close my eyes and picture the best beefy real burger that I've ever had. Still doesn't taste like beef, but, it doesn't taste bad. You could definitely get the same satisfaction. I mean, the flavor is actually pretty nice, and the smell kind of-- You get used to it. Let me taste just the patty. You know, you just can't put your finger on it. But you know it's not meat. Overall, I think this is a product for veggie lovers and probably older clientele. I don't think I could get my kids on board with this just yet. Look who just happened to come see me at work today when I was getting ready to leave. Can y'all say hi? This is my adventurous eater, so we are going to let her taste it. It looks like a regular cheeseburger, right? - Yeah. - Alright, ready? Just take one bite. I just wanna see what you think. - Hmm. - I can taste it. - Tastes like a Krabby Patty. Tastes like meatloaf. - Tastes like meatloaf, and a little bit of a Krabby Patty. Like a crab cake. So, do with that what you will. You like it? Pretty good? Do you want one of these at home? They proved me wrong. Maybe we will incorporate this into our once a year vegan meal. - I want another bite. - Oh, Michael wants another bite. - So what was it? What is it? - Do you like it? These are not my children. There's no meat in this whole thing. - What? - It's a veggie burger. - This looks like meat. How is that not meat? - They tricked us. I guess this is your dinner tonight. And I guess I've got something else to add to my grocery list now. Great. Come on y'all. Mom vs. Rolled Ice Cream
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