Nicole, who’s admittedly a Dollar-Tree-kind-of-mom is tasked with recreating a pair of Valentine’s crafts. Disillusioned by the current, competitive nature of DIY Valentines, she gets real with us. - - Happy Valentine's Day! Am I making a fancy dinner? Let's see... Oh hell no! Okay so we're going to make little Valentine's Day mice. I hate any kind of rodent. You want to think this is cute. They're not cute, but they look pretty easy. But I don't understand the cute saying that would go with them. Like an olive is like, Olive you. What does a mouse say? How does that go with Valentine's Day. Oh, I guess they're made with kisses, I get it. Kiss, see? Yeah, so everyone makes their valentines now. That is ridiculous. I don't know who started it, probably Martha Stewart or somebody. First of all when I was little, it was just a card folded in half, with your name on it. Now, they don't have time for that. Now it's just, don't put anyone's name on it, just sign the name. And you better have candy attached to it or your friends are not gonna be happy, according to my kids. So now people probably spend $30 on valentines for 1 kid per class. I'm still a five dollar and under kind of lady here. Sorry my kid's friends, I might attach candy to it, but it's still gonna be a card from the dollar store. So I assume we're supposed to make these and then put them with the valentines. Now let's talk about the teacher gift, is this necessary? Does the teacher really want a wreath made of candy? No, she want's a bottle of wine. Of all the crafts that we could of chosen, these are doable. I like doable. Got our kisses. So you put two of these together, you glue them, and that makes the mouse body. That I'm okay with, it's when we get to all these little details that are unnecessary, that's when I start to get worked up. I gotta make ears, eyes, nose, and tail. Cause I promise all those kids are gonna pay special attention to these little details. They're just gonna rip open the candy to get to the chocolate. So do you think that you would be making these or your kids? Oh the moms are totally making these, because it started when my kids were in like, nursery school. Those one year olds don't know how to do this. So when the moms send these elaborate bags home, that have a cute theme, and all I did was send their kid a lollipop. I felt so down on myself! Then it just got worse, and worse, and worse. I'm gonna make six. We're gonna pretend we're in the nursery school, where they only have six kids in the class. In my kids class, there's like 13, or 16, or something. But, if you have to make it for the entire 5th grade, or the entire whatever grade, you're screwed, you better have gone to the dollar store. I think the tail part is a little excessive, you could've just used the end of the Hershey kiss. Cause that would save you on one more thing you have to buy for this craft. I had to buy the Hershey Kisses, string, wiggly eyes, so let's see we're up to about three, six, ten dollars, that's not terrible. I would have the paper, maybe that would be the only thing I didn't have to buy. Who's gonna cut out all these little circles for the ears? If we did this, I would then just get plain, like, construction paper, and cut little squares out and my kid would write, to Amy, from Stella. Period. I'm not then gonna go buy the box of valentines. I wouldn't choose the mouse, I still wouldn't choose the mouse. I need it to speak more Valentine's Day right of the get go. I'd have to be thinking, what does mouse mean? My kids would be like, "Mom, that's all they're gonna get? "One little mouse?" Ya know, so, I would probably choose a craft that's a little bigger so it looks like, ya know, if we're gonna do this let's impress everybody. My kids come home with like, a bag full of bags of valentine treats. And it's Valentine's Day this is not Halloween people. Aye, yai, yai. This glue is so stringy. Okay I forgot to put the ears in, I shoulda done that. They're so little, too little for my hands. Why would you do this? Unless your kid was named like Minnie or something, then it would make sense. 'Kay! I'm trying to think of a good mouse saying. - [Camerawoman] It's mice to be your friend? - Oh that's a good one. It's so mice to meet you. I don't think these are gonna stand up as cute as they do on this little picture. One down, 50 to go, whoo! Yeah my kids would get bored probably after a couple minutes, so then I would be up late, the night before Valentine's, doing this. Everything seems to be like a competition of who can be the fanciest, who brings the best treats, and then every holiday loses it's meaning. Valentine's has become like Christmas morning all over again. Kid's get all this stuff, and who brought it, Cupid? Trying to decide if my kids friends would figure out that this is a mouse. - [Camerawoman] Did you put the nose on the last one? - Oh, no, that's what's missing. It just took me, what, five minutes to make two, and I'm in nursery school class? Imagine if I was in the elementary school. Ain't nobody got time for that! Maybe I won't make six. Okay, the hot glue is annoying enough, we're going to have to come up with something else. Tell me one person who thinks a mouse is not a rat. Minnie Mouse looks nothing like a mouse. I know a lot of people that would of done this, like, when their kids are in their first year of school, and then as each year goes by, you do less and less. Cause they finally get it. Ohhh! Everybody's just so extra. I hadn't even gotten to the teacher yet. I'm over it. Moving on.. - [Camerawoman] Do you want to glue them on their little pre-made cards? - Oh my gosh! No! No this is the way it would be. That now doesn't match this, so you'd have to get like Minnie Mouse valentines or, if you wanna see what I'd really do, you write your name on it, that's all I would do. I might take these back to the store, get my money back. Now, the valentines candy wreath. Oh, that poor teacher. Curl some ribbon, snip it in sections, and pin them all over the wreath. I don't know why you just wouldn't glue the ribbon, or I would just tie the ribbon. Let's tie the ribbon. Take the pins back. I would never do this in real life. See the ribbon's probably about a dollar, this is probably about a dollar, and this is like five dollars, so again we're close to ten dollars for the teacher gift. Now teachers, would you rather have this? Or a five dollar gift card from Starbucks? Okay let's get to gluing. So extra. I think tying the ribbon was a good idea. Ohhh, this is dumb! See my kids would want to do this for their teachers, and then they wouldn't believe me when I'd say, Listen, I promise you, they don't want that. Although, you know one of my kids teachers is gettin this when I leave here. Oh that Nicole, how did she have time to do this? More glue. - [Camerawoman] Are you feeling really creative? - I'm not sure creative is the word. Although I'm feelin kinda proud. Mine's pretty cute. Here's a tip if you use these little, smaller candies, they fill in the white spaces. You didn't think I'd know how to do that. It's coming, it's coming. Okay, big ribbon on the top. If I was a teacher, I'd probably be annoyed at parents who did things like this. I would feel like they were trying to suck up to me. This is why you buy a pre-made bow. I can do this, almost. Lord, why am I spending so much time on this? Again, teachers, you know you want this. I did pretty damn good. Feeling a little bit accomplished. Overall Valentine's Day has become overplayed, the expectations on moms and parents are just too high The teachers are not expecting this. So that's good, because they're not gonna get it. I guess there's gonna be one lucky teacher and one lucky kid. Now if one of my kids' teachers, genuinely, would rather have this than a Starbucks gift card, let me know and I will make you one and every other teacher at the school one. Until then Happy Valentine's Day! Mom vs. Game Day
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October 24, 2018

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