Nicole takes us to her favorite discount grocery store where she finds deals on everything from snack cakes to grass-fed beef. - - Hey guys. It's Nicole from Mom Versus, and today we are at one of my favorite places to shop, Aldi. I'm gonna show you how I do it, for a family of five. Let's go. Don't forget your quarter. Everyone knows this little trick. This is like renting your buggy. Put your quarter in, but don't worry, you'll get it back. So, let's go. Right when you walk in, they always have this little specialty section, and it's always stuff that you probably don't need. But, it's fun, so I usually end up impulse buying at least one thing from this section. Like pesto bow-tie pasta crackers. How cute are those? They're a $1.99. I can do that. One of the first sections you get to in Aldi is the snack section, and this is where I fill up the bulk of my buggy. Because, we go through a lot of snacks. Yes, some of them are processed, but, it's okay, it's real life, people. These little packs of Almonds and Walnuts, are perfect. My kids love little packages of things and they're snacks, so, at 2.99, this is a great buy. This is a fairly new store, so their selection isn't here yet. But, you know, this is probably one of my favorite sections. You can pick up some good buys at the Aldi wine and beer shop. I'm not a name brand snob, so, Graham Crackers, put a little peanut butter on these for an after school snack, perfect. See how organized I have my snack section? It won't stay that way. Then we get to the chip and pretzel section. You're going to buy them, right? Why not save the money doing it? Chips and salsa, organic. Um, $1.99 for the salsa, and $1.69 for the chips, Hello? So y'all don't have to keep talking about how many snacks I'm buying, I told you, we go through a lot of snacks. This is not gonna be eaten all in one day. So, people, chill out. These are like little Fruit Roll-Ups, but, with no high fructose corn syrup. The first ingredient is apple puree. So, you get 21 of these, which is their value pack, for $4.99. That's three weeks worth, if I put one in there a day. So, we're good. Alright, Mom Police. I don't do this all the time, but if I am gonna pick up a little, Little Debbie, I'm gonna grab these. They're 89 cents. Why spend more than that, on stuff that's not that good for you anyway? Fruit Rounds. One of my biggest a-ha moments when I came to Aldi because, these are you know, the store brand version of a Fruit Loop but instead of like yellow-number-whatever, what makes these yellow is tumeric. $1.29 are you crazy? That's two dollars less than a Fruit Loop. And for my final snack selection, granola bars. Now these are good snacks. $2.19 a box, way better deal. Then, for my treats, when they want something a little more indulgent, I get these guys. Granola Bars, love 'em. And then they have all these staples that you need. You know, oils, and vinegars, and condiments, and things like that. Coconut oil, this jar is 4.49. That's a great deal. I just don't need any today. Organic spaghetti. I mean, we go through pasta at least one day a week. So, I always pick up a box of this, its $1.19. My husband loves to take this for his work lunch. So, I'll grab him a can of lentil Soup, $1.89. Coming up on our taco night staples. My daughter happens to love these, instead of bread. This pack of 100%, whole-grains, $1.39. They're at least $3 or $4 somewhere else. So, these are perfect. And then we've got our canned goods. Beans for our taco night, or chili, 89¢ a can and they're organic. Great deal. 100% whole wheat bread, this is what my kids eat, $1.49. They may not have the fresh baked bakery in their store, but, these take and bake items are super good. The produce section is my favorite, and where you would save the most money. And, if it's not like the best deal ever, I'll probably just skip it this time and get it when it is cheaper the next week. A whole bag of limes, $1.69. You know what this is perfect for. Those cocktails. I don't buy all of my produce organic, I'll admit it. Don't shoot me. But, I do always grab these. I do buy things that I'm actually going to cook, so not everything is prepackaged or processed. Kids love these rainbow carrots for their lunch too, so, these are a great little snack. They smell delicious. Are you kidding me? You can't beat that. I should pick up more than one, but, I'll refrain. When did milk and eggs get so expensive? Why would you not come here? Under $3, you're not gonna beat that anywhere. I'll be honest I don't get all of my meat here. That's just my personal preference. I do always buy at least one or two of these. It is 100% organic, grass fed beef. For $5.29, you're stupid not to get this. When I'm having a little party, and I just want to put a little appetizer out, I'll come here, get a couple different cheeses, maybe some salami, put it out with some crackers, under $10 for an appetizer for a crowd. And cheese sticks, great for lunches and after school snacks. This is my life. My kids love these for breakfast, chicken sausages, no hormones or antibiotics. Sausage party. There is a similar looking cream cheese product that tastes the exact same, and costs more. There is no difference, 89¢ people. Are you a water snob too? Does your water really taste different than this, for $2.29? We are now in the frozen food section, and they've got everything that any frozen food section has, at a way cheaper price. Today, I came in for some edamame. Organic vegetables, half the price. Frozen waffles, that's a staple, $1.29. Did I mention, this is not a sponsored video? So, we've had a really good shopping trip here. You know, not everything is a processed snack. I know that's how it started, but when you look at the end product, it's filled with organic, healthy all natural things, that I feel good feeding my family with. And wait till you see how much money we save. And don't forget, you've gotta bag your own groceries. But you brought your bags, you're saving the environment, this process goes super quickly. So watch this. - Final total is 98.40. - Under $100. Told ya. Mom vs. Slime
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