"Oh lord. Why do we have to complicate a smoothie bowl?" Nicole pulls out the blender and gives her best shot at creating a Shooting Star Smoothie Bowl. - - Smoothie bowl art? As if the smoothie bowl wasn't ridiculous enough? This is not a thing. I have not seen this. Why do we have to complicate a smoothie? It's as simple as can be. Mix it up and drink it out of a straw. Why do I want to eat it with a spoon? I mean, it just takes the whole convenience out of the smoothie, which is why it was invented. I don't know why you would do it, but I can do it. Oh, lord. My smoothie base is going to be pretty basic. My smoothies always will have banana. I did sneak a little spinach in my kids' the other day. They didn't notice. Good time to make use of the frozen fruit, and I am a fan of these alternative milks 'cause I do think they're a little bit better for you. I'm not really sure why. I'm just jumping on that band wagon. If you use frozen fruit, you don't have to use ice. This might be fun for the kids, I guess, to play with their food, and then eat it, but knowing my luck, they would just make it beautiful, and then decide they don't want to eat it, and then waste all these expensive ingredients. I'm gonna go for a reddish color base 'cause I don't have any red color fruit, and then put other colored fruit on top. Those dark berries. - [Director] Do you eat smoothies a lot? - Nope. I don't even eat a smoothie. I drink a smoothie. We're gonna use cashew milk. Sometimes, I put yogurt in there. Here we go. Here we go. Woo. Don't forget, you're not gonna drink this out of a straw. You're gonna eat it with a spoon, so it can be a little bit thicker. You want a wide canvas so you have plenty of opportunity to decorate here, so I like a wider bowl. So do my friends here in the pictures. I probably missed an opportunity to put more protein in here. This is a big portion. Fruit chunks, can't have that. It's gotta be a smoothie bowl, can't be chunky bowl. Pretty tasty. Probably gonna be melted by the time I decorate it. Probably should've cut all my decorations first, so I'll just keep it short and sweet. Kiwi's gonna be the star here. Show you my chef skills. You hear my stomach? - [Director] Mm-hm. It's just all getting happy in here. I would never do this at home, but since these cute things are sitting here, I will try to cut little star kiwis out. If I made this for my kids, they'd be like, "Mom, who made this?" I guess I should be on the internet more. Is this one of those Instagram things? Because I'm assuming it's more for show, although, I could probably get down with adapting something like this for my kids, but there would be a war going on. "Mine's prettier than yours." Three's good there, okay. I'm gonna call this Shooting Star. We're gonna have things shooting from all the stars. Watch this. This is your chance to add the protein. My kids don't really like chunks in their smoothie, so I'd have to come up with a different name. If they have smoothie in their head, they're not gonna want chunks. I hope this works. Oh, so much protein in that one teaspoon of yogurt. I think you're gonna be impressed. Hold on. You can just eat your mistakes. I think my yogurt's too thick to do what I want to do. It'll be fine. I do like walnuts for this. You're supposed to put things in sections, in case you didn't know. I'm almost over it, because it's just sitting here melting. Now, some coconut would be pretty. Mm, nah. I really kinda wanna stop. I mean, I could put avocado in just to say I did that. I mean, we have enough fruit in there. Maybe if you eat your smoothies, it takes longer, it fills you up, so that's good. I feel like I need one more component, but I don't know what that is. These have about maybe eight components to the topping at least. Mine has one, two, three, four, so 50%, I'll take that. I'm good. The shooting star smoothie bowl. This is real life art and beauty right here. This is also real life in the amount of effort that I would put into this smoothie bowl. I'm gonna go find a straw. Mom vs. Bento Box Lunches
Mom vs. Latte Art
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