Nicole makes it clear that she’s not crazy about slime in the house, even though it’s one of her kids’ favorite things. Now she has to play with it at work. - - Am I making frosting? - [Woman] Nope, you're making slime. - Oh come on! This is obviously the edible slime, because there's no borax. There's no other detergent. There's no glue. Great. I'm pretty sure every mother and dad, for that matter, hates slime. I just don't get the slime craze. I mean, my kids, all three of them, love it. As if slime wasn't bad enough, now we have to make it edible. We spent three years of our children's lives getting them to quit putting stuff in their mouth and now here we are, teaching them it's okay to put it in your mouth. Just because it says edible doesn't really mean you should eat it. What is it with kids putting things in their mouths? Don't let your kids eat this. The ingredients, include coconut oil which is healthy. Sprinkles. See I drink water too. Microwave. Alright. So now we put in our xantham gum. When you put that in all that stuff starts to congeal. Now we add powdered sugar. And even there are like, traditional kids slime, is made with glue and detergent. Some parents freak out about the toxicity. I mean, how often are you letting your kids play with slime? I understand it can affect their skin and stuff but, They shouldn't be doing it 24/7. C'mon. They do make the best slime. The detergent and the glue, so. The natural ones, they don't work as well. Still a little satisfying when you get a successful slime. That stretches. Wow I'd love to meet the parents that really just enjoy making slime and have slime stations in their house. So slime is no longer allowed in my house, because thanks to one of my children, it is now stuck to my freshly painted ceiling. The only good thing to come out of that was the fact that I never have to allow it in my house again So it is only allowed on the back porch. In the garage if it's too cold. But it's these YouTube videos of not only kids making slime recipes but adults making it too. And here I am doing the same dad gum thing. My kids can sit there and watch this for hours. So I guess somebody's making money somewhere. When I've had enough of hearing it make poot sounds or crunchy slime or whatever, I'll scream turn that off! You're getting dumber by the minute. But, this feels nice and warm and stretchy. So there is some sort of satisfaction that people get from slime. So it's coming together but it's still too sticky, so when it's too sticky you keep adding some powdered sugar. When will this craze end? It's what I would like to know. And I'm sure your kids are gonna wanna put add-ins. Mom, we gotta have add-ins. Gotta make it crunchy. Sparkly. I've used every bit of my contact solution. I've used all my husband's shaving cream. When I went to go take out my contacts out one night and I did not have any solution left, that was one happy momma, let me tell you. The benefit of kids making slime is that it keeps them out of your hair. It also earns you mega mom points. When I'm feeling like I've had a week where I've worked too much or whatever, I'm like, sure kids, you can make slime. Okay, Mom. And don't be buying that name-brand glue. You go straight to that Dollar Tree. They're 50 cents. My kids are gonna be so proud of me. Dare I taste a piece? It's kinda like bubble gum. That you accidentally swallowed. It's not terrible. I'm just ready for it to all be over. And my kids to get smart again. Make kids smart again. I think I've had enough here. I don't think I'll tell my kids I did this today. Because then all I'll hear is no fair! Let me tell you what's no fair, that I even had to make it. Mom vs. Gender Reveal Cake
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