Nicole goes on location to Lucky Cat Rolled Creams to learn the ins and outs of hand-rolled ice cream. See what happens when the owner puts her to work! - - This is our organic, grass-fed dairy, and we're adding the chocolate and espresso straight to it. And then you start by scraping in the ice. And you're gonna work it like this until it starts to take on the appearance of about soft-serve ice cream. - [Nicole] Okay. - Once it's about this consistency, you're gonna start to spread it into a rectangle. - I've only had it one time and it was a special treat. A new place opened down the street and I was like, Three kids and $24.00 later, - You're aiming for about five rolls. - The visual aspect is probably the biggest draw, right? - Kids love to watch it. - Who's you're best client base? What demographic? - Teenage girls. - Teenage girls. - Teenage girls. - [Nicole] All right, a little whipped cream. - There you go. - I've gotta give this a taste. It's a firmer ice cream so you do kinda have to almost chew it. Right? It probably takes a while to thaw out. - Yes. - So you can enjoy it - for longer. - Yes. - All right. Ready? - Yep. - Here we go. What are we gonna make? - All right, we're gonna make our Fairy Tale, which is one of our most popular with the kids. - All right. - You just pour it - Right in the center. - Okay, I can do that. Every kid will want sprinkles. - And then you start to just scrape it in. - Yeah, you were doing something like this. Let's go. Yep. - And you wanna come in from every angle. Start to pile it up. - Oh, yeah. - There you go. And then do a little bit of smashing, and try-- Yep. That's great. You're a pro. - See? - And I'll scrape everything in, try to get it all into one pile so you don't waste any of the ice cream. - You're gonna try to go for a rectangle about this big so you can get five rolls. You gotta get a little bit more on this side, otherwise your rolls are gonna be wonky. - Oh, there's my shapes. - You didn't mix the sprinkles that well. They're all right here. - But that's okay. - Is that decent? - It's-- You know. Not bad for your first time. - I mean, yeah. - So pick a side and then you gotta really lean into it. - And push into the roll. - Bring your arm up just a little bit, like this. - Oh, okay, okay. - It's close. No. You wanna come work with me? - Yes. Yeah. I could use a little upper body exercise. - To finish off the Fairy Tale, it gets a good bit of whipped cream, a sprinkle cone, mini cone - How cute is that? - A Pocky stick, which is a Japanese chocolate pretzel. Some gold sprinkles, and we finish it with marshmallows. - My girls would totally be into this one. All right, so how did I do? - You did pretty good for your first time. - Thanks. - Work on that rectangle a little bit. - I'll work on my shapes. - Work on your shapes, yes. - All right, I got it. - It was fun. - It was fun. - Do you think you're ready to take an order? - I think I can take an order. - You got it. but we'll see. - Okay. You got it. - [Customer] Hi. - [Nicole] Hey there. What can I get for you? - [Customer] Let's see. I think I'll go for the daily. I love cookies and cream, so I'll go with that one. - Me too. - All right. Let's see if I can do this. - [Customer] Awesome. - You're my first customer. - [Customer] Awesome. Cool. - Let's go. - Enjoy. - [Customer] Thank you. - Give it a taste. - That is good cookies and cream. - All right, moms. This was fun, I must say. And I definitely feel like I'm up with the trends now. Would I take my kids here every week? Probably not because it's still a little bit out of my ice cream budget. Would I take them here on a special occasion? And it really helps if you can find a place that serves adult beverages. Mom vs. Facebook Comments
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