It’s family travel time and Nicole shows us how to shop at roadside convenience stores without breaking the vacation budget. - - 'Tis the season for road trips! We've made it to our first, and hopefully our only stop, on this trip. I like to choose a place like this that's a one stop shop. And I'm gonna show you how I do it, without trying to break our vacation budget before we even get there. Let's go. So when we're in here, I expect that all my kids are going to grab the garbage. It's vacation, get over it. Forget the fact that I have packed the waters, and the juice boxes. Somehow when we pull up to this gas station, my kids are dying of thirst. If I'm full of excitement, and in a really good mood, I'll let 'em get the slushy. If I'm not in such a great mood, I'm getting one Coke, and three cups of ice. Hashtag cheap. We're not even going to make this stop, until we're at least hopefully halfway there. And the first time I hear my kids say, I've gotta go to the bathroom, well I know I've got at least another 30 minutes. When you gotta go, you gotta go. And while we're all taking turns using the restroom, we have full entertainment for the kids. However, I've gotta spend the entire 15 minutes, explaining why we don't need our souvenirs before we even get to the place we're going. I mean if you gave in every time your kids asked for something, you'd be broke before you even got there. If we do happen to stop during a meal time, I like to choose the places that have the built-in fast food restaurants. Because I told you, I'm only stoppin' one time. But no rolly food for us. And those hot dogs do look good though. I'm not gonna lie, I've kinda always wanted taste this. And now's my chance. Brings me back to college. This is probably the place where I will make my purchase, either here or the coffee. But they've go the good ice. This'll stay nice and cold. And there'll be some leftover for me to add my bourbon when we got there. This fruit looks delicious. As much as I would want my kids to choose this, if I tell them they can pick out two things at the gas station, I can promise you, the bananas not one of them. And ice cream, hell no! Did you people forget it's summertime? That'll be a melted mess before we even make it to the car. When my kids talk candy, the first place I'm gonna try to steer them, is that old bag candy. You know the ones that are like two for a dollar. I mean look I get way more candy. But because it's generic, they're not gonna want this. Instead, they probably rather have the five dollar Kit-Kats. The closer we get to the beach, the colder the beer will be. I might wait till we find a station that's got 'em packed on ice. Oh. I do love a good Slim Jim. Blow Pops are a good way to keep kids quiet in a car for a long time. I'm only getting two. And an extra cup. That'll do it. - 20 dollars and 95 cents. - Good start to the vacation. Alright we did it. We dipped into the vacation funds a little bit, but hey, happy kids, and a quiet car, I'll take it. Now get in the car! Mom vs. Hip Food Trends
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