Nicole works her magic on this colorful cocktail—and it's not as easy as it looks. - - Rainbow cocktail. Is this a thing right now? Is this all over the internet? - [Daughter] Oh yeah It's been for a while. - Oh. I've seen layered drinks and I know it has to do with the order you put them in and like, alcohol content and stuff but I don't want to drink it because then I'm going to mess up the rainbow. So do I have a recipe? No recipe. At least I know my colors of the rainbow. "ROY G BIV" I'm calling B.S. on this. There is no violet. They forgot the IV. And you can barely see the green. I'm not going to say I can do better. But I'm gonna try. I'll be right back. Back from the bar. Obviously you have to the blue curacao. That's obviously the blue. And the red is obviously grenadine. Everything else is kind of a guess. And I mean, we have to have some sort of alcohol in here So, you know I choose vodka. I can see that there's orange juice, so I know there's orange, but I thought pineapple juice might be more yellow. And then I found some razzmatazz. I'm gonna see color this is because I'm hoping for some purple. Oh yeah, it's like a dark purple. Don't tell me to make a rainbow drink and not give me every color of the rainbow. Hello. I can't think of one friend of mine who would order this as a drink. Okay, so this is the grenadine. This is like, sugar. So far, this is a virgin cocktail. I got the first color in. Orange. Still so far, no liquor. Now, pineapple juice could be thicker than the orange juice, so this might not blend very well. No I'm gonna add a little something. I also know that yellow and blue make green. C'mon, make green. I feel like I might need to stir it up a little bit. And maybe if I spoon the purple on. Shoot. Okay, so there is a weight factor here. All right, well so far, I made a Rainbow Brite Astro Pop. So I have to figure out how to get the green in there, and the blue to just chill out. Now, if I was given this at a bar, I'd be like, mm! Oolgh! Now, is it gonna turn brown when I mix it? Oooohwuh. Now this probably tastes better, but look at it. Who wants to drink that? See, if you just close your eyes and imagine a rainbow. So that's why, again, I don't understand you can't drink it like this, so why serve it like this? All right, let's try this again. I'm gonna try to make purple. Okay, that's a pretty purple, if I can get it to work. All right, let's try it again. All right, red, orange, Why did they separate last time? Next. All right, red. And I'll try to guide the juice. Looking like a sunset before the rainbow. Ah-ha, that's the trick. These don't have much green, so I guess they're hoping that this just sits on top. Can you imagine sitting at the bar and me being your bar tender? You'd be like, c'mon lady. Okay, some of it's turning a little green. This is boring. This looks more like the Astro Pop. All right, how to make a rainbow cocktail. Ooh, oh this is a tool they sell. Oh. All right, grenadine, then some ice. Oh, all the ice. Then the orange juice. Then you stir it. He mixes the vodka and the blue curacao. All right, third time's the charm. I'm still trying to figure out why anyone would wanna drink this, because it's making me kind of, egh, sick. Going in. Then orange juice. You want these to kind of mix together. Then, mix the vodka with the blue. Y'all are gonna sleep so much better knowing how to make this now. Then you do the same thing where you kind of finagle the green. All right, if you look close, red, orange, there's only a little hint of yellow before you get to the green, and then blue. It's still ROY G. B. All right, so there, I did it. I should get some sort of prize, right? It looks like a kid drink, and probably tastes like one, too. Uck. I mean, you could drink this in front of your kids, but they're probably gonna want one, so it's probably not even a good idea to bring this kind of thing in the house. Look, I think I've got a better version of a rainbow cocktail. Stay right there. All right. Things, found in nature that are the colors of a rainbow. Trust me. Lots of ice, you know me. No special mixing tools required. Whatever carbonated, clear beverage you want. Now watch this. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, kind of, look like a red grape. How cute is that? I'm gonna squeeze in a little bit of lime. Now that's what I'm talking about. Hey moms, which one would you rather drink? So can we agree, let's save all our rainbows and unicorns for the kids? Cheers! Mom vs. Vegan Burger
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