Sure, Pinterest-inspired birthday parties are thoughtful and cute, but they will drain you of time and money. Nicole shows us how to throw a super hero party that won't break the bank.
  - - Kids' birthday parties! They're completely outta hand! Especially those ones inspired by Pinterest. But I'm gonna show you how I do it. For way less time and effort. Way less money. And just as much fun. If this kind of stuff does not come naturally to you, like me, then this is where you want to start. So all you have to do is look up Superhero Birthday Party and the list will be endless. Okay, I'm seeing homemade capes as their craft. That sounds expensive. Here's a party favor that I think is a little dumb and a little over the top. It's gumballs in a plastic bag with a handmade label. That label probably cost more time and money than the gumballs inside. All of these ideas are amazing and beautiful. But they probably cost an astronomical amount of money. My way probably saves you tons of time and money. Listen, all this stuff come straight from Wal-Mart, the dollar tree. We don't have time for all that homemade business. The theme is Superheroes. And it's inspired by my four year old. Because that is the one track mind I am on right now. No matter what your theme is you'll find something and you'll just run with it. The first thing I'm gonna do when I'm hosting a party at my house is not have it during a mealtime. They're coming for some snacks, cake, a little bit of entertainment and they're on their way. I like to get them started on a little craft or something while everyone's coming to the party. You can find these little coloring sheets. They're free, downloadable, usually online. So far, zero dollars. A little craft is good too. So I found these, you know, Superhero masks. These are, like, at the craft store. About eight dollars. Another one of my favorite old fashion games to play is Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Or Pin the whatever on the whatever. Just customize it to your theme. So for mine, found a costume. We're gonna put that on the wall and say Pin the Power on the Hero. And my favorite game to play that is old school as it gets is the ole' Pinata. This might be the most expensive game we play. But listen, it's worth it. Gets their frustrations out. On to decorations. This is another area where people are getting out of control in the money department. Why not hang some of these Superhero shirts on the wall. We've got a table cloth. A couple bucks. Remember your clientele people. They're not coming for your fancy linens and china. And no fancy print-outs. The kids coming to this party probably can't even read. And now for the star of the show. Other than your birthday kid. The cake. I enjoy a good piece of cake. But not after all these kids fingers have touched it. And all their breath has gone all over it. So that's not where all my money is gonna be spent. I go to the grocery store and I pick one out of the little catalog. And they're always gonna have something that will relate to your theme. Now look at this. How cute is that Superman cake. We'll get our sugar fix through the cake and maybe a couple candy treats. But we're not trying to overload them on sugar. So I always like to have something on the opposite end of the spectrum. Just a basic cheese and cracker tray. Maybe some veggies with ranch. You might be saying, oh, kids aren't gonna eat that. Kids will eat carrots dipped in ranch dressing. Trust me, when you decide on a theme and you head to the grocery store, things just start popping off the shelf that go with it. Look at these juices and yogurts. And I didn't even need to create little labels for it. And finally, there's party favors. You've got some people that can create and customize their little goody bags. And that is not for me. You've got other people that just fill bags with junk. That's also not me. Because I don't like all that stuff left in my car the minute we leave the party. I like to get one piece of junk. And if you buy big things, it looks like you're giving them a great big gift. Check these out. Kites. These will work. I have used them. They will work once, maybe twice. But that's all your kid wants to do with them anyway. I also like to get favors that you can use outside. Then they stay outside and they never really enter your house. One more piece of junk you don't have to look at. We've got the cake. We've got the snacks. And we've got the party favors. Now let's have a party. How did I do moms? Is this Pinterest worthy? I mean, I think it is. I think the kids are going to be thrilled. If this is all you can do, be proud. You are Supermom. Now I'm going to get the birthday boy dressed. I'm going to take those Pinterest bullies down. Mom vs. Rainbow Cocktail
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