Our favorite mom really tests her patience when she's challenged to create latte art. - - Am I making latte art? I knew it! Okay, I have seen this before but I have never done it. First of all, you wouldn't make this at home. So, there's really no point in me learning how to make it. Okay? This is probably why you pay the extra two or three dollars for an already overpriced latte. First, we make espresso. You get a wide mouth cup and then you have to pat it down. I'm sure there's a technical term for this. Lock it. Drop it. Oh yeah, I got a good start. Then you need milk. It says whole milk is best. I don't know if I'm doing this right. I might need to call a lifeline. Calling on the millennial because these are the people who hae time for this. - So, you have enough water. - Okay. - Good. Now we wait. - I think I may have rushed it. - You can't start until it's steaming. It's steaming! The time is now! - Steam is scary! - You want to listen for it to be, like, on the surface so there's, like, a little bit of a scratching sound. Touch it to make sure it's hot. I think you're good. - Okay, with our properly frothed milk let's try this again. Tilt the cup 20 degrees bringing the pitcher close to the cup. Once the cup is half full you can tilt it back up. There's no foam in there! Alright, bear with me. It tastes just as good without the design. Oh, turn it on. It's spitting. Oh wait what am I doing? Hold on! That's the sound. Tilt... Better! I think it looks like a rose. And I did it on purpose. I don't get the science. If I didn't have to read it, if someone would show me once, I think I could do it. This is probably cheating. Pew! Now if I just had not messed that middle one up. I call this one love. Third time's a charm. I'm going for the Christmas tree design. I don't think that was right. The only one I got right is the one I cheated on. Overall, I don't think I did very well. I don't like it a latte. Mom vs. Gingerbread House
Mom vs. Elf on the Shelf
Mom vs. Yummy Nummies

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