Nicole decides she’ll be the “cool mom” and let her kids dye their hair in boiling-hot Kool-Aid. What could possibly go wrong? - - Have your kids asked you to dye their hair yet? With Kool-Aid? Well, mine have. I'm gonna tell you, thatworks. I decided to earn some cool mom points this summer and have fun with my girls and try out the Kool-Aid dip dye. My kids have dark hair, so I didn't even think it was gonna work. We chose this flavor, because I knew it would be a deep red. The instructions on how to do it, it said you could put three to five packs in there. I went on five packs for each girl. I even threw my niece in the mix. Also, this is an activity that is super cheap. Five pack for about a dollar. So you boil the Kool-Aid on the stove for several minutes. I did it in batches because I wanted each girl to have the super-concentrated hair color. The instructions made it clear that the water did have to be hot and boiling. It just said cool down for a few minutes. So I did. Then I filled their little cups up. I put their hair in little pigtails, and I dip it down into the water. This water would cause third-degree burns. This is dangerous. They don't tell you that. If they moved and that stuff spilled on them, I don't even know what I would do. I was so scared, my four-year-old Terror was going to knock a boiling cup on him or them, that I had to send him to the bedroom to watch the iPad. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Fortunately, they did not move. I didn't tell my brother and sister-in-law how hot this water was. My niece was well-behaved. I'm pretty sure the online instructions say 15-20 minutes to let it soak. Dark hair? We needed at least 25, right? So after we maximized the soak time, we rinsed it in cold water. The instructions did say, don't worry, it's not gonna look that colored, but it will when it dries. Well, I'm tellin' you, it worked. I was so excited, I felt like I just did something so cool for them, lettin' them dye their hair red, thinkin' this'll wash out in a couple weeks. Here we are, two months later, my niece couldn't wear her red dip-dyed hair on the first day of school, so she had to get a nice trim. She's got a precious bob now. True story. The main thing I wanna tell you, that they did not tell me in the online instructions, is that for days and days, it will bleed out onto fabric. Every time they got out of the pool, the lake, the shower, the beach, it would just drip. It's on my pillows, it's on my towels, it's on their shirts. So remember, Kool-Aid hair dye. Number one, it works. Number two, it's dangerous. Number three, it stains. And number four, it lasts. Comment below, and feel free to post any pictures of your crazy Kool-Aid stories. If only they made a flavor this color, then I know I could cover up my grays for a long time. Mom vs. Cucuzza
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