Instant Pot recently introduced Cake Mode to their 8 quart Duo Plus. Unable to resist, Nicole tries it out with a basic chocolate cake recipe. Will it rise or turn out a crumbly mess? - - The new Instant Pot Duo Plus 80. Today I'm gonna give the cake mode a try, so let's see what's inside. User manual and a quick reference guide. This is probably all you'll need. Come to momma. Ah, it's like a shiny new car. I'm just trying to make a basic chocolate layer cake. I found out a lot of people use two pans or these special pans you can order. All the pans I had were too big, they don't sink down in there and you can't close the lid. Now the recipes that use these have you bake one layer at a time in here. I'm not trying to double the time it takes me to make a cake, so I'm gonna try this. Alright, first, you have to put in your trivet so that you can let the steam surround the cake. And then you're gonna add some water. I'm actually gonna do a cup and a half of water, just to get one thin layer of water across the bottom. Okay so I'm gonna spray my first layer. I'm gonna set it in and put in half of my batter. I'm going to create my own double-layer pan. Genius! Everyone has a trivet, right? To serve your hot foods on your dining room table. I'm gonna spray it in case the two layers touch. I'm gonna turn it upside down, so then the little prongs can let my other cake pan sit on top. Then, go in with our next pan and the rest of our batter. Cake is in, I'm feeling pretty confident. I hope this doesn't fail. Twist the lid on. Alright so I'm going to turn the valve to the sealing position. Some cake recipes say to leave it venting, some say to close the valve, I don't know. We're going to push cake, and it says 40 minutes. I'm gonna go with that so the time should just start naturally. Alright so we're ready to go, I'm just gonna walk away and let it do its thing and hopefully when I come back we'll have perfectly delicious cake. Alright. Oh. Not the prettiest cake I've ever seen. It didn't rise as much as I thought it would. It's cooked, I mean it looks moist. It probably tastes pretty good. Appearance wise I'm just not so sure. It didn't stick, I think it's gonna come right out. Voila. It didn't cook that evenly, now this could be user error. I think next time I'll cover both of them. Oh I think I'm gonna have to go back to the drawing board on this. This is a standard box cake mix so it's not the recipe fail, it's the cooking method or time or pan size or something, so I have to go back and do a little more testing here. Lets see what the texture is like. Obviously a lot of water got in right here, this is like pudding. But, I'm dying to taste it to be honest. Not very fluffy and it's not like a brownie. It's like wet, like a spongey. I'm second guessing the bite I wanna take. Maybe on the next one. And then this part looks like chocolate pudding a little bit. Ew. Let's move on. This is the one on the top. The flavor of this chocolate cake tastes like watered down chocolate. So I think I'm going to leave the cakes to the oven, in the meantime I'm really excited to use my new eight quart Instant Pot for bigger batches of soups and stews and big cuts of meat. This is coming home with me. Mom vs. Rolled Ice Cream
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