The Holiday season is upon us, and Nicole is here to give you her top ten kitchen ideas for Christmas 2018.
  - - Holiday shopping is upon us and I'm here to give you my top ten kitchen gift ideas for anyone in your life for who loves to eat, drink and be merry. Some of these things I have, and I love. And some of these I only wish I had. Husband, take notes. Number ten is the Goverre Wine Glass. I don't have this but I just stumbled across it while I was shopping on the internet and this thing looks so cool. What I love most about it, it's actually made of glass. And I love drinking my cocktails out of real glass. It tastes way better than out of plastic or metal. I also love that the lid on it, you can drink out of or you can just store your drink for transportation. And it's got this grip thing on it, so you don't drop it. I want one of those. And while we're talking about beverages, I'm gonna give you number nine. It's the Yeti 14 oz. rambler coffee mug. With the 14 oz. mug it's gonna hold a little bit more and it will even disguise when you've got the vodka in the coffee cup. Number eight, basic wooden spoons. Look, I know that is not that exciting. But I promise a bouquet of this is gonna last a lot longer than flowers. Add these to that cookbook or that cookware that you're going to get someone. This is the perfect, practical gift. Number seven, the garlic press. I hate peeling and chopping garlic. It gets so sticky and all over your fingers. The garlic press is one of those extra tools that I don't mind keeping in my drawer. Sticking with the heavy cooking, I'm going to number six, which is a good cutting board. This is not something anyone likes to go spend their money on. So it makes it a perfect gift. These things last forever, so they're worth the investment. Next, is my very practical and economical gift, number five, which is a cute flower pot with an aloe plant. Aloe plants last for a long time, and they're great for when you make those little boo-boos in the kitchen. My mom always says you should always keep one by your kitchen sink. Number four is a good apron that actually fits women. I came across this great petite bib apron from Chef Works and it's super stylish too. Trust me, it's hard to find that apron that doesn't go down to your ankles or up to your ears. Number three carries over from last year, the good old Instant Pot. Would you believe I still don't have one of my very own? With all the recipes you see online, you know you need to have one of these magic makers now. Number two on my wish list is the Google Home Hub. This is the newest home smart device from Google and this one has a screen. So it can walk you through those recipes you're looking for and also, who doesn't want to play music in the kitchen while they're cooking? And number one, which is a pricier option, the La Creuset wide, round dutch oven. The dutch oven is a classic piece, but this one is wide. Makes it perfect for those big roasts to put in the oven. It's definitely on my wish list. And there you have it, my top ten gift ideas that should work within anyone's budget. If you pick up any of these suggestions or have any ideas of your own, I'd love to hear about it. So don't forget to comment below. Like, share, subscribe, and if you're watching us on YouTube, click the bell. Merry Christmas! Mom vs Aldi Advent Wine Calendar Promo
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