The internet's coolest mom - Chef Nicole - takes on her sweetest, craftiest challenge yet: recreating a holiday gingerbread house.  A- - How festive! I'm a little nervous about what's under here. A gingerbread house! I think I can do this. Am I supposed to make it look like the picture? Yes? Well we'll see about that. I will say I do like these better than using graham crackers. These are all the instructions. I will follow them for as long as I can. How much did this thing cost? - [Cameraman] I think it was like $30. - Thirty? That's ridiculous. We don't do our gingerbread house until about the day before Christmas when they're like 50% off. Tip: this is what I save my Halloween candy for. Because this, they provide is not enough with three kids, who are going to eat half as they're making it. I think there's always a part where I have to help glue the roof on. The chimney's always hard for me. I can't ever get it at the right angle. Remove the cap. Snip the tip. I kinda feel weird doing this without my kids. It says it has a pad. So I immediately just start building like I know what I'm doing. This may be why mine have a hard time holding together because I don't follow the directions. Side, side, front, back. Oh this is the roof. Mmmkay. - [Cameraman] Have you ever made like a gingerbread house by hand? - Lord no! You crazy. This is one of those days, once a year, where I've done my mom duty. I'll let them eat the candy. I love Christmas. Actually I love everything about Christmas. I just love being together. I love the weather outside. I love the break from school, believe it or not. I love the music. Gets me in the spirit. - [Cameraman] What's your favorite Christmas song? - I can't think of the name. - [Cameraman] You can sing it. - And I'm not gonna sing it. I will spare you. What is the song that Celine Dion sings really well? Noel. Just give me a second. I'll - I'll I can't do two things at once. What is that song? It's on the tip of my tongue. See I quit following directions. I hope this is right. O Holy Night! O Holy Night! That's it. That's my favorite Christmas song. You thought I was thinking of something not so common. We'll just sit here and hold it for a minute. I actually might do this whole part before I let my kids even get started, because they're just into the decorating and I don't trust that they would put this together correctly. Shoot! No! Noo! Noooooo! Gummit! K, just a minute. I gotta go calm down. Okay. A rock. And what I like on the rocks.. Is a little Bailey's. Ahhh. K, lets tackle this again. Alright, I'm going heavier on the glue here. And we wait. Oh 15 minutes. There's no way my kids would be waiting 15 minutes. These fancy shaped candies are probably why this thing costs so much. Gummy trees. Gumdrops that are the perfect size for gingerbread house making. Holly berries and leaves. They even have the lights shaped like Christmas lights. This gingerbread house leaves not much for the imagination. You know I would be using skittles and M&M's. A few extra things because I'm so generous at Christmas time. 'Course I'd get 'em from the Dollar Tree. This is actually gonna make me look good, I think. Okay now we have to put on the front door and the chimney. I'm so confused. Separate the two gabled pieces from the door. Ohh. I didn't know what gabled pieces meant. No one told me what a gable was. I like the attention to detail. Although it's unrealistic for authentic family gingerbread making. Voila! Attach the chimney to the roof. They made that real easy. Thank goodness. Lookin' good people! Maybe I'm starting to like it. Not. - [Cameraman] Oh no, your roof! - Oh shoot. Maybe I'll go get a hair dryer. Oh no. Guess I'm just gonna hold it. Wish I had my Christmas music playing. Maybe I can help it dry. Look I don't know if I'm gonna make it look like the picture. I'm just gonna make it look classy. 'Cause you know classy means the bare minimum. Ooh, icicles. Oh there's a hole in my bag. Stay with the pattern. I feel like my house is falling down. I guess this means I have to do the other side. Did you catch the sarcasm? You know I'm getting to the point where it really doesn't matter anymore. Dainty little things do not work well with my big fat fingers. I forgot about my pattern. I don't think I'm in the right order. Speedin' up. Okay. They have the gumdrops on the roof cut in half. I'm not gonna put upside down trees on the house. That's silly. Oh shoot. It's coming. Y'all are gonna be so proud. I'm getting into it now. Looks good. Gettin' to that point where I'm kinda done. Whoops. Aghhh. - [Cameraman] You know there's six more windows, right? - Oh no. Everyone only looks at the gingerbread house from the front. Put a doorknob on there. Almost done. You know, you don't want to do too much. It's start to look like those junky decorated houses that you drive by. Y'all. I can't decide what else to do, it looks so good. Yay mom! I think I'm done. How did I do? I mean, you know it's just enough. There's good symmetry. Let's keep it classy. I mean this is fun. This is a good kit. Don't know if it could do so for three children to do at one time. But if you're not as frugal as me, and you want to buy one for each kid. Have at it. Probably what I'm not looking forward to the most, is cleaning up this mess. Thanks to you, I get to do it twice now. Mom vs. Elf on the Shelf
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