It's blue! It's pink! Nicole puts her all into creating an Ombre Gender Reveal Cake. - - Wah! So I thought I needed this for whatever is under here. Am I making the cover of a magazine cake? - [Interviewer] Nope, you're gonna make an ombre gender reveal cake. - As if the whole gender reveal thing hasn't gone a little bit crazy? We can't just have a gender reveal cake, it's gotta be ombre. I've never even had my hair ombre. Doesn't that just mean fading color? - [Interviewer] Yeah. - See, I'm pretty cool. Should we have a boy or a girl? I have two girls and one boy. I think we're gonna have a boy. Cheers to my baby! At least I don't have to bake the cake. I did learn this little trick one time. I know how to fill this cake. You can't put this on yet, you got to take the top layer off. Thought you had me, didn't you? I think I have to take them all off first. We're celebrating the baby, y'all. Going this size, if you don't have these, I learned you can use like a soup can or an asparagus can is perfect. A little snack for later. Now who's gonna really make this when you can just buy them? Alright, so this is the little secret. Alright we have to choose the perfect pink. Probably not fuchsia. Ooh, that looks good. I love to watch the videos of the gender reveal party, but I'm so afraid somebody's gonna be disappointed when they show, and I don't want to see the disappointment. You know they were becoming popular when I had my last child so we had our own gender reveal party in our driveway. I went and I found out, and then I gave each kid a can of the Silly String. So when my husband came home, we sprayed him with blue Silly String. He didn't even get it because he's color blind. True story. I was like, "Eh, it's blue!" Maybe we do need the fuchsia. Just quit while you're ahead, put it away. Oh yeah, that looks good. Okay, do you know they sell blue and pink frosting? You don't even have to do this step. - [Interviewer] Do you think if you had a kid like nowadays would you do this? - Nope. But I am one that finds out so I don't know maybe. I wouldn't make it, I still wouldn't make it. But I think that if we put blue on the top it gives it away. Like to me this cake looks like it's gonna be a boy. And so since I know it's gonna be a boy, I'm gonna ombre a different way. 'Cause if I am gonna do it, I'm gonna do it. - [Interviewer] I mean in the recipe the top's blue and then it's pink on the inside. - Shh. I'm gonna do it my way. I also think gender reveal parties are good for like your first child. Because if I had a party after having two girls and then I decided to have a gender reveal party, everyone would know that I'm having a boy because I'm having a big celebration. - [Interviewer] Do you have a favorite child? - Lord, no! See how fast I answered that? Now the bottom. I'm gonna put both, keep it a mystery the whole time. And maybe even a little white just to stretch it out. It'll keep people guessing because then they'll see the knife come out, and they'll see the icing and they'll be like, "It's a boy!" "It's a girl!" They'll have to seriously wait until the slice comes out. Most bakers would use two different spatulas so they don't mix the colors. That's the beauty of ombre. Am I even saying it right? Oh! - [Interviewer] What's your icing technique? - There's not much one! At the end of the day, it's all gonna be mixed together. This makes me look like a professional. I need another bowl for my ombre. I might invest in one of these though. That's a game changer. This layer's gonna be just blue since it's a boy cake. - [Interviewer] So halfway through we're switching tactics? - It'll be fine, at that point no one will care because they'll be so excited. Look at that. Now is when you fill it with the candy. Not to mention this is about $15 worth of sprinkles going in. Okay, wait, I think you're supposed to do it like this. Is that right? - [Interviewer] When you make cakes do you make like four-layer cakes? - When I make cakes? I'm gonna start with white on the top. - [Interviewer] Do you think you're enjoying this more because you didn't have to make the cake and the icing? - Absolutely. See I could stop now, these are called naked cakes, and then I would be super on-trend. Oh my goodness, this takes forever. I wish I knew somebody that was about to have a boy. I have my annual doctor appointment tomorrow, I could bring it up there. I'm sure somebody in the office will need it when they walk out. I feel like I need to chill this layer for a minute. Can we just stop for a second? No, if I drop this, nuh-uh. We'll just keep going. But I do need a break. Let me taste this cake. Okay so I'm going to start, I think from top to bottom. I'm not going to give it away in the top. I'm gonna use the rest of my white here. Hope I don't need it later. The mystery has been placed. Now this is where I'll start to fool them. I'll put the pink on first. I think the ombre effect is good for people like me. If it blends in, it's okay. That's the whole point. There's always one. Okay maybe I'll go for the big one. - [Interviewer] Are you enjoying it at all? - I kinda am, don't tell anyone. I think it's all about the turntable. And the ready-made ingredients. Ay-yai-yai! That is good. Alright, we're getting there. First you have to get your two separate colors, and then you casually blend them in. I gotta clean up my mess a little bit. I am over here just swimming in icing. Okay, now's the time to combine. Oh come on, come on. It didn't really mix. Remember that ombre icing I saved? Another genius move. Swirl some blue into the pink. I think I nailed this one. My kids do watch this show and they like to mock me. I have to tell them that if I accidentally say a bad word, it's because I'm acting. Same for the wine. If you like this, follow me on Instagram. Now time for the question mark. This is where y'all really would've gotten me. I would not have even thought to do a cut-out. Now there are sprinkles all over my floor. Alright, done. It's the moment we've all waited for. Is it a boy or a girl? See now you can't guess by the top. I'm okay cutting into it, but you better sure as heck get this on camera. I do want to clean the counter for the big reveal. You wouldn't have a party with this mess. See if you served pink champagne that would be a dead giveaway. - [Interviewer] But it's a boy! - Oh, yeah. That'd be a good trick. Keep this on the counter next to the pink champagne. I might put this on my Instagram. Follow me on Instagram. I rarely post! Alright, ready? Oh, what am I having? See, like people already try to guess by the color of the icing, and you're like, "It's pink icing!" Then I make the next cut and everybody's just looking at the knife. There's still pink icing on the knife, it must be a girl. But wait for it, I feel like we need a big countdown. 3... 2... 1... It's a boy! It's a boy-a! I think if it was my first kid, I might spend the time doing this and sharing it with my family, but a lot of people would rather you just tell 'em, than make them come to that party. I think it's more exciting when the parents don't know as well. Alright, this was pretty fun I must say. Probably because half the stuff was done for me, and the cool turntable, but let's just say, I'm glad it's not me! Mom vs. Bento Box Lunches
Mom vs. Drive-Thru
Mom vs. Yummy Nummies

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