The "Big Game" is coming up, and Nicole whips together the perfect NFL guacamole and bean dip to celebrate the occasion. - - It's game day, y'all. All right, so, what are we doing? - [Interviewer] You have to come up with some sort of party food that is football-themed. - Okay. I'm all about the big game. I'm gonna go with probably an appetizer, because nobody's gonna sit down and eat a meal. So, do I have groceries? - [Interviewer] You've gotta go get them. - All right, I'll be back. So, I came up with the most unoriginal idea ever, good old Mexican layer dip, but who doesn't love it for game day. We're gonna do it kind of not in the traditional order so that the green is on top, 'cause that's gonna be my football field. See where I'm going? Of course, this is good for any game, not just Superbowl or playoffs or whatever. Beans are the base layer. Normally my sour cream layer is the most flavorful layer, but I'm gonna use that as a decoration, so I'm gonna flavor the beans. - [Interviewer] Do you watch the Superbowl every year? - I don't know that I've ever watched more than like five minutes. I do watch college football more than NFL. Roll Tide. It's my Alma Mater so I can say that. I'm not a poser. - [Interviewer] So, you said you like to make food, but do you usually make it themed? - No, my seven-layer dip would just be seven-layer dip, it would not look like a football field, but y'all are gonna love me after this because it's super easy, there's no special cookie cutters required in the shape of footballs, I wouldn't do that to you. Okay, so you kinda have to do it reverse, so I think I'll put my tomatoes down next. This is a good shortcut, too, prepared Pico, but you have to drain it really good. Nobody likes a watery seven-layer dip. Game day food consists of a seven-layer dip, you've gotta have wings, maybe a veggie tray, that's the way we do it. I mean, this is not a kid party. We're not trying to have cupcakes in the shape of the team animals. The people that do that kind of stuff are people opposite of me. For this I would probably buy pre-shredded cheese. I don't know if this is going to be seven layers. Looks like it's just gonna be four. Call it four-quarter dip. And for the fourth quarter, the top is gonna be guacamole. I might buy that pre-mashed avocado. I do love guacamole, and I make a damn good one. These are a little under-ripe, but I'm working with what I have. Woop Dang, dang. I'm going to try to mash these under-ripe avocados. I don't need comments about, oh, she should've used ripe avocados. I know. - [Interviewer] How about a food processor? - That would require another piece of equipment. If you bought pre-shredded cheese, and pre-mashed avocado, this could come together in like five minutes. You didn't think I was gonna have game day without a cocktail, did you? What goes with Coke? Bourbon. This is the way we do it down here. No comments. Yeah, that might've been a little strong. Gets me in the spirit. Back to the guacamole. Normally I would put red onion, but I don't want to mess up my field, so you can put more green in this layer, jalapenos, cilantro. Yes, I'll wash it. That's good. - [Interviewer] Do you know anyone who's an anti-cilantro person? - I'm sure I do, but we're probably not friends. It's so good. Can't get enough, and especially if you're making this dip, and you're not worried about the cilantro-haters, you should put more because it'll look like grass. Just go to down. This layer's usually in the middle of a seven-layer dip so it doesn't turn brown, but if you put enough acid in there, hopefully will prevent that. I wish it was a little creamier. I can cheat. I've never even seen anybody do this, so we may be creating something from scratch. Look at that grassy field. You could do this for basketball, too, and maybe reverse it and put the bean layer on the top. That would look like a basketball court. I'm a genius. No fancy tools needed, no special cookie cutters, just a ziploc bag. Let's see how my art skills are. All right, so first, you have to make the end zones. See, I know football. 50-yard line, 40, 30, 20, 10. I'm supposed to go all the way across, but I don't know if I want to. Maybe I'll color in the end zones. Most people then would go a step further here, and put their team colors. I guess you could dye the sour cream. Mmm, I don't really like that. I need to google a picture of a football field. I messed up the end zones, I've got to fix that. And numbers, that's what's missing. Duh. I was doing so good. - [Interviewer] Is it starting to get annoying at all? - I'm only annoyed at myself at this point. That's good. Could've been done by now. Pretend that never happened. - [Interviewer] Is your perfectionist side showing? - Maybe. The numbers are not gonna fit. Dang, dang, dang. Maybe I'll just write go, when really the lines should go all the way across. Maybe I'll just do the 50. Starting over, just from my lines. I'm over here thinking I invented the wheel, it's probably all over Pinterest. - [Interviewer] You could make little people. - Out of what? - [Interviewer] Carrots and olives. - Oh hell no. Okay, I think we all get the point. I just wonder if I should drag my lines all the way across. I'm gonna just do one just to see. Aghh, I don't know. I guess so. Yeah, probably should've done some other colors, like some black olives. All right, olives. I guess you could make something for the field goals, and the players, but you get the idea. As soon as the first chip goes in, the field's messed up anyway. I think it is cute. I mean, sometimes those food crafts are just for looks and they don't taste good, at least this one's actually gonna taste good. I can't resist. Whoops. Be sure you have some sturdy chips. Touchdown. Grab the remote, here we go. Mom vs. Smoothie Bowl Art
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