Nicole knows her way around a kitchen, but how does she hold up with the game her kids are crazy about? - - Moms, I played Fortnite so you don't have to. And let me tell you, you're not missing anything. Okay, here I go. So, are other people playing against me? What do I do? Oh shoot, hold on. Am I just flying right now? How do I know where I'm at? - [Man] Look towards the ground. - [Man] Not-- - Oh, like that? - [Man] Eh, not really. - Oh! Okay, now where do I need to be, on a road, or? This makes no sense. Oh, my parachute came out. Oh, I'm about to hit a golf course. I don't understand where I'm supposed to go, though. Aha! Okay look, now I'm running. Oh, here's a golf cart. Should I hop on it? - [Man] Sure. - But I have to get in it. How do you climb in? Ah, look at that. I just hit a tree. I'm a drunk driver. So are we like on a war base? Oh, so there are other people playing. They're probably looking at me like. Oh, here's a gun! Okay, how do I get it? Got a gun! Triangle. Oh. This really does teach violence. Why are all these kids playing this? Oh, I just shot at nothing. I don't want to keep shooting. - [Man] Here comes a person, right? They not going up to you, go up to them. - Okay, what do I shoot? What do I push? I'm dead. This really makes you seasick. I just wanna know what my goal is. Just killing people? - [Man] Yes. Everyone's dropped on a small island together, and they're all against each other. So you have to kill everybody else until there's one person left. - Okay, so now that makes more sense. Oh! That's my dancer. - So I can play another round? Oh, it's getting cloudy. Where am I going? See, I wanna play things that are real life. Like Lemonade Stand on the Apple 2 computer. Apparently my kids have played this at some friends' houses. They've never asked for anything. I don't know if it's because I have girls. Not that it's only boys can play video games. That's not what I'm saying. Okay, I'm in a storm. Now what? How do I get out? No, go! How did I finish? In the top twelve? Doctor PewPew got me! Now I'm professional 'cause I got my earbuds so I can talk to these opponents. Where is everybody? Hello? Mom's in the house. Why aren't you kids in school? Y'all, I'm getting dizzy. Oh,! Oh wait, wait! Go! Oh! Uh-uh! They just took my wood! Ooh, Oh, watch, watch, watch. Gotta get him. Wait, I didn't. Gimme, gimme that. Oh, he killed me. He axed me. This is too violent for me. Bring back lemonade stand. Mom vs. Cucuzza
Mom vs Kool-Aid Hair-Dye
Mom vs. Road Trips

Updated: October 24, 2018

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