A viewer challenges Nicole to replicate some really elaborate snack art. Checkout the original art work here: https://www.instagram.com/napu88/
  - - Today we have our first fan challenge. Lorraine Martinez sent me this fabulous video that she knew would get me going. Thanks, Lorraine. Challenge accepted, let's do this. Y'all please, you know the first thing I'm gonna say is, "Who's got time for this?" Okay, these are pretty. Ya'll this mom has got to be some sort of artist. Dolphin banana, what are you gonna do with those scraps? Shark, cauliflower trees, panda doing the splits. Not interested, just put the veggies on the plate. What is that? Floating Pooh. Do I to pick which one of these I get to make? No? Oh, Two plates. The fox and the giraffe. And you know I'm not an animal person. Now I'm gonna say first that this mom who does this is super talented so I'm not dissing. I'm just sort of concerned that moms who do this for their kids are not really preparing them for real life. Can you imagine, like, when this kid goes to school lunches and won't eat their lunch because it's not in a picture? These are called Happy Meals. And my kids will be like, "Umm, no." Let's go to Mcdonalds. My first area of concern is what do you do with all these left over pieces? I mean, I guess you make a smoothie, but. Ain't nobody got time for that. Okay so this is like the fox ears. That's his body, can't you tell? Listen, I'm on the right track, just wait. The pear is like the white part of the fox's face. I mean, I guess people would do anything to get their kids to eat fruits and vegetables if they're not good eaters, so. Maybe that's why you do this? Fortunately, my kids eat. But I think it's because I didn't do things like this. I just put food on their plate and they ate it. So far check out my scrap pile. Comment below on how to use these scraps. Woo, look at that tail. These plates are cute. Alright, I'm starting over. That head is really messing me up. Y'all I would have get up at 3:00 a.m. to make this for my kid for breakfast. Lorraine, send me a picture of your breakfast plate. I'm all good with that, I'm all good with that. Okay, so this is going to be the bushes underneath the fox, I guess. He looks like a monster. This does not look like a fox. A little trail mix, and now for the sunshine. "Hurry Mom, I'm hungry!" He's about to get burned by the sun. Alright, is it a fox or an owl? You have to be a master to have gotten that with no scraps. Just get the kids to eat one fruit with each meal. And you're done. Nailed it or failed it? You decide. Now on to the giraffe. Immediately, I like this one better because it's got probably not as much waste. That could be how giraffe is spelt in another country. I'm not sure, I'm gonna spell it my way. This has a lot of things that are gonna turn brown so you gotta act quickly. I might have a hard time with that. Maybe I should spell giraffe first. G-I-R-A-F-F-E. This might take a minute. Every kid loves radishes. Tune in tomorrow when we spell giraffe. I guess you can put the rest of these radishes in your salad. Going to do the bushes now out of the avocado. I don't mind snacking on these extras. A banana for the body. The face is where I'm gonna get all screwed up. So the spots on the giraffe look like bacon. I thought it was bacon. But she tells me they're peaches. It's coming together people. I think I'm doing pretty good. Look, everything's starting to turn brown. We better hurry. Alright so now we need the skin. Just the skin of the peach. This is gonna be your kid's favorite part. They get four mini chocolate chips. Your kids will be thrilled. Trail mix, I'm gonna give my kids some more chocolate chips. This is a complete meal. This one has a much more usable amount of waste because it would just be like a snack for me. My kids would still probably think I'm crazy if I served this to them for breakfast. But this one could be fun. These plates overall, they make you happy but also pissed off at the same time. I think I nailed this one pretty well. The only thing that aggravates me a little bit is the peach fuzz but I guess this is what you can do with your leftover peach skin. Thanks Lorraine for this great idea for the first fan challenge. If you have more great ideas, send them my way and don't forget to like, comment and share this page. Don't be scared to send me things that involve adult beverages, Just saying. Mom vs. Road Trips
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