Nicole's back for a holiday themed installment of Mom vs. This week's task, to create three different creative Elf on the Shelf scenarios involving food. - ♪ We wish you a Merry Christmas ♪ ♪ We wish you a Merry Christmas ♪ - Oh, what are we doing today? Voila! Oh no. (magical flourish Our good ol' friend, Elf on the Shelf. What is my challenge? - [Nicole] You have to do three food or kitchen-related Elf on the Shelf ideas. - That I come up with myself? - Yes. - Well, can I Google ideas? - No. The ones that do the, like, have these elaborate set-ups playing, having tea parties with Barbie, fishing in the toilet with goldfish and dye the toilet blue and all that. The elf in my house moves from the mantle to the kitchen cabinet to the bathroom shelf. We have the most unexciting elf of all time and his name is Alex. I mean, maybe a couple tricks a season. A season! And the season's getting shorter and shorter. The elf was making snow angels with flour on the kitchen counter, and guess what. I couldn't cook the rest of the day because I couldn't touch the elf or move him to make dinner. Are you allowed to touch him? He kinda looks like me. Kinda looks like he's part of my family. Yeah, I think you can touch them when you first get it, but then once the magic has been set, then you can't touch it anymore. Oh my gah! It's supposed to inspire good behavior, mmm, not past the age of five. We all know that this elf does all his own tricks, makes the biggest mess in my kitchen and really gets on my nerves but I guess if we need a couple more ideas to help him along, I'll come up with some easy ones. Let's go. All right, the kitchen's an OK place because the counters sometimes are too high. Just keep it in a corner, Alex. OK, first one I thought of: Elf at the beach. Creative 'cause I saw this shell pasta. Looks like sand! Some shells on the beach. This one doesn't have it's magic yet. Now if I was real good, I would probably wet some of this and make a sand castle. There's you an idea. Two points for me. Now assuming he's flown away for the night, you have to clean up the mess! That's not written in the book! I love when the elf gives messages like, clean your room! That's what my elf does. He's great. Number two: saw these tomatoes, and you know what it looks like when you squeeze out the seeds in the middle. Oh, Alex got a tummy ache! So this one's gonna be really gross, sorry. This is the trash can. Poor elfie. See, I don't know how you make 'em stand up. I guess when they get their magic, they can do it on their own. With this one, there should definitely be a note as to what made elfie sick. I wonder if these things are machine washable. Ah, that might be another one. Wanted to take a swim in the jacuzzi for a little bath. We always go out of town for Thanksgiving. Elf used to always be there when we got back. That's not gonna happen this year. This next one's kinda mean, too. I'm sorry. I guess my anger towards this whole thing is coming out. He wanted to chop onions, so you know what happens, what onions make us do. I imagine elves have red tears, right? I didn't have anything blue. Oh, maybe he cut his finger. I could have blue and red. - [Nicole] Do you want us to go get sprinkles for you? - I don't want it to look like he's bleeding. Change of plans, no bloody red tears. I'm gonna go blue tears. Got some white icing and blue food coloring. Though you probably wouldn't have to do this step. Your elf is going to cry natural tears. So they'll be whatever color they are. Does he look like he's crying? Voila, that was all three. Super simple. I mean, this wasn't that bad, but I'll be OK if you don't come this year. Mom vs. Yummy Nummies
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