Nicole relives her childhood with the Easy-Bake Oven. After trying out some recipes developed for kids, she sets out to try some grown-up fare.
  - - [Announcer] Alright, so you're gonna put your hand in it-- - Oh No! - [Announcer]d you're gonna guess what it is. - Oh shoot! Oh I know what this is! Is it a easy bake oven? Yes. I used to love these. - [Announcer] Did you have one when you were young? - Of course I had one. This probably started my culinary career. You know, mine was a box. In one side, out with the other. The hook on one end. I bet this doesn't work as good as the one I had, too. So what are we doing? Cheese Pizza. Party Pretzel Dippers. And Red Velvet Strawberry Cakes. - [Announcer] And there's an extra surprise after it. - Oh. We gotta start with the appetizer course. Party Pretzel Dippers. I don't have time to read instructions. An egg wash mix. Ew. Have you ever seen an egg that looks like that? Preheat the Easy Bake Oven for 20 minutes. Oh, we might have time for a cocktail. I imagine it won't taste quite like the ballpark pretzels. A'ight, let's speed up. A'ight, and then we're going to bake it. Twelve minutes? I do not remember anything taking 12 minutes. Now it's warm. A'ight, we're going in with our pretzels. This is the most fun part. Then, you push it in. Haven't had one of these in a while. Oh, it works. We have pretzels. Suspense is killing me. I might just go on in, even with the cheese sauce. It tastes like plain dough. But it still goes good with beer. Bad grammar. Moving on to the main course, Cheese Pizza. Oh, it kinda smells like tomato sauce. Oh, it is so thick. Feels like jelly. Look how much cheese you get on two pizzas. It fits all on one spoon. So we're going to pipe little strings of cheese to make it look like the shredded mozzarella. I feel like you could just put regular cheese in here. I hate little things. Shredded mozzarella. This might catch the Easy Bake Oven on fire. Let's hope not. Into the chamber. I'm starting to smell pizza. Yep, it's not done. I remember doing this as a kid too. I would check it, just so I could do this again. I'm sure my mom probably has like some good stories of me and a Easy Bake Oven. - [Mom] Hello. - Hey Mom. - [Mom] Hey. - My challenge today is Easy Bake Oven. And we were just wondering if you had any stories or memories of me and a Easy Bake Oven? - [Mom] Oh Lord, Nicole! It was your favorite toy at that age. Your brothers used to wanna play, and you never would let 'em play with it. That was the one thing you wouldn't share. You were the boss. - Some things never change. - [Mom]I know. You never could keep the packages of food that it required, and I remember you trying to cook real food with it. It wasn't always a disaster, I have to say. - Well there you go, that's perfect. You just validated-- - [Mom] The scrambled eggs wasn't a success. I remember that. - Scrambled eggs were not a success. Don't try that at home. Alright, thanks you can get back to the tennis court. - [Mom] Okay. - Okay. - [Mom] Love you, bye bye. - Love you. See, I tried to make real food in there. I can handle fake pretzels, but don't mess with my pizza. On to dessert. Red Velvet Strawberry Cakes. Oh my gosh. We'll make two cakes, and then you stack 'em. This is not a lot of batter. I dunno why y'all make me do this kinda stuff though. This is not quite as fun as I remember it. Maybe because I'm 30 years older than when I originally used it. This is still the best fun part. Oop! No, it's not done. Close, close. No! Shoot! Womp! Womp! Turns out it was done! I have baking. Now I even hate Easy Bake baking. I'm gonna form it into a cake It kinda looks like the picture. A little dry, but ... Whatever. Your kids will love it. Here's the thing. Your product is not gonna look like this either. So what am I doing next? I couldn't just make real food? - [Announcer] It's been hiding behind you all the time. - Oh gosh! - Chicken Stir Fry. In the Easy Bake Oven? This is not gonna get hot enough to stir fry. Okay, I'll make real food in here. This is just what I wanted. So we'll give it a try. And I'm not following the recipe. 'Kay people, I think what I'm going to do is preheat this little guy. Genius. I'm thinking I might need to cook the chicken and then the veggies. I hope we have time for this. I wonder if I could conquer scrambled eggs. My mom said, apparently I failed at that. I don't recall that. Now I'm gonna get the pan. You wanna act quick while your pan's hot. Oop, it's not even sizzling. I think I'll put the onion in there too. If this chicken is still raw, after 20 minutes then we're scratching this idea and I'm going to make a scrambled egg, and show my mom just how far I've come all these years. Womp! Womp! See this probably needs another 15 to 20. It can be done. But, not here, not now. Not today. So let's scramble an egg. I'm not trying to be gourmet here, so don't tell me, like, oh you should've added all this stuff to it. I just wanna see if the daggum thing will get cooked in here. And we wait again. They smell like eggs. We might be on to something. Oh yeah! I'm a try to scramble them. Oh, they're almost all the way cooked. Oh mom, I know I'm making you proud. They're really pretty much done at this point, but I'm a put 'em in for about one more minute. One ingredient, 10 cents. My father-in-law would love these. He would tell me they're perfect. But if he knew they were made in the Easy Bake Oven, he would think something's wrong with them. Tastes like an egg. Real food. I conquered my childhood ambition, mom. Listen, I'm gonna take this home, and play with it a little bit more because I'm loving the Easy Bake, not so much the Easy Fake. Mom vs. Instant Pot Cake
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