Nicole gets out of the kitchen and hits the road to visit some of her favorite fast food drive-thrus. - - Hey moms! I am taking you on a field trip today. We are hitting the road and going to some of our favorite fast food restaurants. It is our biggest source of guilt sometimes when it comes to feeding our families. But, listen, it's okay! We're gonna go to McDonald's, Taco Bell and Chick-fil-A. We're going to head to the first place you probably ever ate fast food, at least through a drive through. The ol' golden arches. McDonald's is always consistent. No matter what town you're in, what city. We all ate it as kids and look, we are all still standing. But I tell you what, nothing will burn me up more, than if those fries are not hot. Those fries better be piping hot! My kids, let's say they've had McDonald's 100 times, they've probably only gotten a happy meal, 10, maybe five. That toy goes straight in the garbage. I know, I'm a mean mom. This is how I would typically order when I would get to McDonald's. Can I get three cheeseburgers and one large fry? $6.09. Now if you would have bought three happy meals, it'd be probably about $10. So, we saved. They did not get drinks, we always have waters with us. A good after school treat here is little dipped cones. Those are tasty. McDonald's for me is comfort food. I don't really do the nuggets here. I don't know why but I feel better about the cheeseburger. There's a bee. Thank you. - Have a great day. - And no ketchup needed because they're not gonna get ketchup in my car! Now listen you can't even get out of the parking lot without tasting. MMMMM! They're hot, salty, just enough grease on the fingers. Every time! I can eat these all day. Couple for me and then I feel like I have to open everybody's cheeseburger for them and on the way to handing it back to them I just need one bite. Perfect. Now since we've conquered the all american drive thru we are making a run for the border people. Taco Bell. Taco bell used to be maybe somewhere you went at the end of a long night in college. I can go there on a Sunday morning right after church and I don't even feel guilty about it. And my kids like Taco Bell. They get a taco and a side of pintos and cheese. See, it's like a vegetable side dish. There's some fiber in there. And you don't have to worry about the meat. They only give you about a tablespoon in each taco. So, I mean, you don't go there for nourishment. It is the perfect bite in so many menu options. Hot, cold, crunchy, cheesy. They never give me enough sauce. Or sometimes I'll ask for a specific number and I'll get, like, three sauces. There was one year where I had to give up Taco Bell for lent. That's how much I ate it. - [Employee] Hi, how are you? - [Nicole] I'm good, how are you doing? - [Employee]I'm okay. - [Nicole] What's so funny? - [Employee] I'm having an emotional breakdown. - [Nicole] Oh no. May I get two soft tacos, two crunchy tacos, a nachos supreme, and a margarita on the rocks double shot of tequila. - [Employee] Woo! - It's been a long day! Yes, I need like 15 hot sauces. She's having an emotional breakdown I think she needs the margarita. My mouth is watering. I forgot the pintos and cheese. I just forgot their healthy side dish. Thank you. Oh, I think she gave me 15. Now, I like a lot of lettuce, which I got. But I only got like a half a teaspoon of cheese. There's probably only like 50 calories in this taco. She's a good hot sauce giver. She gave me at least, probably, 25. Three sauces per taco. Guess what this one says? Like, comment, and subscribe to Mom Versus. Here we go, going in. Volume up It's so good. I mean, it's like a salad. They were out of margaritas. I lost an earring. Now have I been riding around with one earring? Alright, next we are going to go to Chick-fil-A. Chick-fil-A is the place that most moms, dads, grandparents, dieticians approve of. They have grilled options. It's real chicken. Or so we think. And it is delicious. The only day you really want Chick-fil-A is on Sunday when they're closed. I mean it never fails. 'Scuse you. You can't beat a Chick-fil-A sandwich though. The secret's in the pickle juice. Can I get one 12 count and a side salad and a small chicken soup. This is still gonna be pretty pricey. But see they have their nuggets and a little bit of salad or soup. But then I'll also throw out some fruit or maybe some chips and a milk when we get home. Now I will get the happy meal when I bring my kids here because you can exchange that toy for an ice cream and then I have really won some major mom prizes. Not only did we get out to eat, the little one got to play, and then they all got ice cream. So, pretty much best mom ever. This is a good time to catch up on your Facebook. Also, a good time for you to like, share, and subscribe this page. Nicest staff at Chick-fil-A, you gotta admit it. My pleasure. - [Employee] Here you go, have a great one. - Thank you - My pleasure - See, his pleasure. Eleven dollars. I'm not going to eat that one. That one's going home with me. Alright so we did it. We did McDonald's, delicious fries. We got the Taco Bell, crunchy, perfect bite taco. And some chicken nuggets that will feed a couple kids. Don't feel guilty about it. Do it! Go get fast food tonight and enjoy your night on the couch with your feet up and your glass of wine and your clean kitchen. Be sure and like, subscribe, and share this page. Mom vs. Latte Art
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