Nicole takes the Dollar General challenge to see if she can feed a production crew on a budget of $15.
  - - I've been challenge to feed the whole video crew for $15. From one place. Can I do it? You betcha. I know I got a lot of hungry people. So, $15 has go go a long way. Anytime you're trying to save money rice and beans is a good idea, but watch what I do with these. Hell I thought this place just had flip flops. Sausage is fairly inexpensive, so I can feed these hungry people for six bucks. A little chicken broth. They have everything. I mean I've got the main course, and I've got room to spare. So, I might even give them a little dessert. I'm gonna make a trifle for dessert. I was gonna buy this pudding, but then I'll have to buy milk too. So, I'm gonna buy that already made pudding. This is a little pricey, but I can still fit it in my budget. The crew is in for a treat. - Alright your total today, name, is 15.39. - Ohhhhh! 39 cents over. That includes tax and I went a little overboard on my four layer dessert. The crew works so hard. 39 cents. I can spare that, or I can take a layer off of your dessert. Wish I'd already signed up for the ad for the digital coupons, or I definitely would have come in under my budget. Why does it always scream at you? Thank you. - You're welcome. - I mean, I'm about to feed the crew dinner and dessert for less than $2 a serving. Boom! I'm back from the store. I've got the beans going with the tomatoes and some of the chicken broth, and now I'm ready to ad my sausage. This is a nice hearty bowl. It's full of flavor. It's gonna fill up the crew. So we're just gonna let this simmer and make the dessert. Now, desserts. You're not gonna find me making anything from scratch. People. Y'all are probably saying, "Oh, she must not love her crew, "She feeds them all this crap." Well listen, they don't care trust me. I'm just going to pour them right over the brownies that have been cooled. It may not be that pretty yet, but I promise it's gonna taste good. Normally I would use Oreos for this, okay, but I was trying to save money. They're all gonna be crushed up, so no ones gonna know. Listen, nobody else's $15 dinner would be this gourmet. Death by chocolate, people. So then this is the topping. This is everyone's favorite part. This dessert probably serves more like 12 people. Another point for me. Now this is better as it sits a little while and gets nice and cold. I'm gonna put it in the fridge while I go round everybody up. Alright, I'm bringing' 'em in! C'mon guys! - Alright. - Now listen, you should have put those in bowls. - Oh. - Here, hand me a bowl. - You know I have New Orleans roots. This better be good! - It's real good. - Would you all like to know where your lunch came from? - Sure. - Yeah. - Dollar General! - Ooohhh. - Wow! I love their corn beef. - How much did you end up spending on this? - This whole meal including dessert, 15 bucks. - Wow! - And look at how much is left over. I mean I'm impressed with myself, but save room for dessert now. - You know in my family we call them, the O.D.G. - I am the O.G.D.G. - Thanks. - Your welcome. No listen, this is a four layered dessert. We call this death by chocolate. - Is this a DG cake? - It is. - Nice. - They don't call me Dollar General for nothing'. They don't call me Dollar General for nothing I wanted to use that. Mom vs. Road Trips
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