Chef Nicole - the Internet's coolest mom - tries her best to recreate a spooky Internet recipe for Cake Ball Eyeballs.  - - Let's see what the internet has me making today. Ugh, Halloween eyeball cake balls. I actually thought you might pick something harder. I mean, it's an eyeball, I think I can do this. I don't know why you would do this, but I can do it. There are 19 steps to this recipe, so definitely something you'd wanna do with your kids. - [Interviewer] So, have you ever done something like this for Halloween? - No. My kids are deprived. They don't get any of these fun treats. I'm #worstmomever. My kids are not gonna be the ones that bring the crafty goodie bags, or anything like that. Mine are gonna have a Dum Dum lollipop, stuck to a card, from the Dollar Tree, with their name on it. I mean, come on, moms. We need to come together and decide we're not gonna do this. I think every holiday is overdone now. Halloween used to just be Halloween. We should just have candy apples, the Halloween candy that your kids get, you just put it in a bowl, that's dessert, put a pot of chili on, call it a day. Now everyone has these elaborate costume parties, no thanks. - [Interviewer] Do you think cake balls are more or less work than decorating an actual cake? - Ask me at the end of this. Okay, I'm gonna freeze these. Okay, Bloody Mary for Halloween. Mmm. So, you have to melt the chocolate, then you dip these existing eyeballs that look like eyeballs and cover them up, when you could probably just find something like a Junior Mint. Junior Mint. Do we have any Junior Mints? Y'all can have that idea. So, you have to melt these at half power. I don't know how to do this. Monster Mash. These are easier than a groot because, What is a groot? A, I know what an eyeball is, so I have a point of reference. I think what bothers me most about this recipe is the amount of things that you have to buy. I guess maybe I'm just jealous of the people that do have time to do this. Because I do notice it when I go to a party, I will say I think it's impressive. But I spend the whole time going, how did you think of this? How did you have time to do this? I would go buy the Little Debbies that are in the shape of bats, and lay them out at my party, and call them bats. I only dress up if I'm going to a party. I went as sushi, I've gone as dirty laundry before, or a Black-Eyed Pea. Alright, so we're going to take these, and dip them in the melted candy. Why can't you just go ahead and stick the fork in at this point? Right, y'all know I'm gonna keep going because the first two are never that pretty. This would be something I would more likely do with my kids for fun because it's okay if we only ended up with three good ones. I'm gonna do one my way. Oh yeah! Look how easy that was. Which one looks more like an eyeball? The already made eyeball. Okay, so you have to put a dollop of red onto wax paper and then you stick the eyeball down into it. Y'all getting scared now? This is about the point where I've had enough, and I just try to make it through the recipe. If I did make these for a party, I would bring every guest as soon as they came in the door, come here, you've gotta see my eyeballs. Looking good, looking good. Voila! A tray of eyeballs. How did I do? I would give myself a B+. I will bring these home to my kids and they'll get a kick out of this today. They'll probably never see these again. But they will never see these again in my kitchen. Dag gommit. Mom vs Baby Groot Cupcakes
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