Nicole really shows off her creative skills assembling shapes and animals for her kids' lunch box. - - Oh, I know what this is, bento boxes. You know you so artfully lay down your owl and then the minute you stick it in the lunch box, it's just apples, and pretzels, and cheese, all mixed together. I'm sorry, my kids, they are deprived. We'll see what I can come up with. Just this morning I made their lunch with just cut up ham, cheese, and pickles like my homemade lunchable and I thought I'd nailed it. But now I gotta do all this. No, I think it's silly. Keep it realistic, we'll do one shape. One fun thing in the slots. Oh, oh, all right, I'll make a sandwich. Now I would use wheat bread, whole wheat bread, that's one of my mom wins, my kids won't even eat this. Cha ching. - [Crew Member] So you're gonna cut those into shapes? - Nope. You just make the sandwich and just cut the sandwich into a shape. See what I did there? I'm not gonna make little bitty sandwiches because then we waste half of this bread, so I'm going to use the biggest thing. This isn't even a cookie cutter, it's what the cookie cutters came in. But it'll make a nice circle, and it'll use almost the whole sandwich. I don't like waste. Who has the time to do this in the morning? And I'm not gonna set my alarm for 30 minutes earlier to make this. So there's another thing. Can you guess what I'm gonna do here? My kids happen to love olives. I'm gonna have to go find some cream cheese. What am I gonna use for a mouth? What do other people use? I can't even tell what that is. Hold on, I'll be right back. Couple more things. Cream cheese makes a great glue. I wonder if kids at school are like, like compare whose lunchbox looks better than the next person? If that's the case, my poor kids. Except if they're really lucky I'll give them a piece of leftover Halloween candy. It's one of those things, I don't know who started it. them. Now I will say, putting some food like on sticks is a good way to get kids to eat things that they might not eat otherwise. Daughter went through a period where she would not eat meat, but if I cut up the chicken that I had grilled and stuck it on a skewer with some honey-mustard, she ate the whole thing. Again, pretend that it's like 4:30 in the morning and I just got up to make my kids' lunch. That's why I'm taking my time. Oh, goodness. Now you have to create a well-balanced meal. So fruit, oh yeah, this is a good one. Look, a sailboat. People, the old grapes on a stick. Pretend I washed these. Oh yeah, and this way they'll eat six grapes, whereas if you just put 'em in a bag they would eat 12. How do they make eyes? I'll just use more cream cheese. Oh, raisins, but then how do you stick 'em on? With cream cheese. Duh. I mean, so then once you land in there, then you can put the eyes on, and hope that they don't roll around. They're just gonna have white eyes. Oh, those look creepy. I would love to meet one person that actually does this. My kids always have a sandwich, like a chip or a pretzel and a fruit, and then maybe a dessert. But I have to make a craft out of a pretzel. Actually, I have an idea. Do we have that peanut butter in here? I mean, this is stupid. I'll use something else for the eyes so they don't look so scary like little scary bugs. Some little dried cranberries. See instead of encouraging my kids to eat this might discourage them because they don't like raisins. So they'll be like, no, Mom, I couldn't eat that grape. - [Crew Member] Do you think that this whole thing is more about the moms or the kids? - Totally the moms. I mean I'm all about you know maybe making a fun shape of a sandwich to get them to eat it. I mean that's real life. But why couldn't we just stop there? Why all the shapes and the animals? Okay, so you might not think this counts, but I'm going to make a peanut butter flower pretzel. Peanut butter pretzel flower. A good a bit of protein. That's the base of my flower. I don't know if this looks like a flower. Use your imagination. Now I have all these little bits of vegetables so I'm going to make them eat them. I'm going to cut them, and you make more food on sticks. But don't waste anything. Your kids will do that when they throw this in the trash when they get to school. Oh, an eye fell off my little caterpillar. This whole thing's a disaster. I know they make the great lunchboxes that have the compartments and then you can seal each one, but I still think the stuff rolls around. On a scale of one to 10 nutrition, if I had wheat bread, I'd give myself about a nine. I think they would be happy with this. Pretty cute. Look at all the stuff I now have to clean up. You know how much I love that. Oh, let's not forget, there's not just one of those I would have to make. It would be three. I may as well just stay up all night. Should we see what happens in real life? Put it in the lunchbox. All right now, kids, quit fighting over your lunchbox. No, this one's yours. Take it out of your backpack, put it in your locker, now get it out, now let's walk to lunch. All right, everybody. 'Kay now, let's see what happens. Oh, it's pretty stable. Busted. Well, heck. I could put this in my kids' lunch so they can fit in at the table. Bad Moms' Bento Box
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