Chef Nicole (aka "Mom") takes a stab at re-creating JK Denim's awesome Baby Groot Cupcakes.  - - What the... what is a Groot? - [Interviewer] Have you ever seen Guardians of the Galaxy? - Nope. I have no idea what this is. It looks like something that's dead that's coming to life. Is that what a Groot is? I'm ready, let's do it, I'll nail this. So, you're not gonna help me at all? I have to do the recipe. I will probably start with a little cocktail. Everyone likes a good cocktail when they bake. Do they make, like, Groot action figures? So what I would do is get some cupcakes and stick those on the top. There's no sense in all this right here. In my house, not much would be going on because we wouldn't do this, or I would just buy a box mix because when you have three kids, somebody wants to do the eggs, somebody pour in the oil, and somebody pour in the mix. Three steps for three kids. So, Groot like grass root, like grows up from-- Do they grow up from the ground? - [Interviewer] He's like a tree root. - I don't think I would think that's cute, I don't. Can't to you and back at the same time. - [Interviewer] So you get to pipe icing today. Are you excited? - Well, piping? I love little bitty dot eyes and stuff. - [Interviewer] Are you being sarcastic? - I'm being very sarcastic, I would probably buy some little sprinkles that look like eyes. - [Interviewer] Or chocolate chips? - Oh, perfect. I don't know whose got this kind of time that you would do all this when you can just buy it. And I really know who's into groups-- Groots. I have to clean up, I can't work in, like, chaos. So, I'll be right back. Is it appropriate for kids? - [Interviewer] Uh, there's some profanity, I think. - Probably nothing they haven't heard. I feel like they're kinda wearing little togas, whoa. Well, if I was at home, I would do the whole thing with a Ziploc bag. Yeah, this color icing, it's not grass, kinda like the color of one of my grandmother's bedspreads. This is better than what I expected. But if I was bring them to a Guardian party, I think the people there would get it. Ain't nobody got time for all this. Who came up with this kind of idea? Yeah, I would not make more than two or three of these. Aww, his arm broke! - [Interviewer] You happy with them? - All right, only seven minutes. I don't like piping, and my grass is not gonna look like it's grass. I don't know, it might. It's kind of like making your first pancake? The first one's never the prettiest, but the more you do it, the more successful you'll be? So, if I really took a lot of time, I could probably get this perfect. That does not look like grass. I mean, these Groots are pretty cute. Oh, shoot, I just broke his head. Just so much fine tuning I just am not that detail oriented. You would really need to have a true love for this movie to do this, I think, though. I'm pretty impressed. If this breaks, I'm gonna cuss. Boom, it's basically the same thing. I think I nailed it pretty good. I would do it again, I'd get my icing colors better, and I would buy the cupcakes so that I could take time to decorate the cookies. But overall, I think I did pretty good. I'm kinda proud of myself, cheers. ♪ I am Groot ♪ Groot Cupcakes
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