Chef Nicole meets her match in the form of Instagram’s favorite food pastime - avocado art. - - Let's see what the internet is challenging this mom to make today. Oh, goodness, something with avocados. Hopefully it's guacamole. I can do that. Oh yeah, oh yeah, right. Avocado art. Tell me one person in this whole world that does this for fun. Is this a thing? - [Woman] Are you on Instagram. - I have an Instagram account. My first thought is by the time I get 1/3 of the way through an avocado, it's gonna be brown. Y'all. - [Woman] So you can do whatever pattern you want, and you can take as long as you want. - I just don't understand what the world has come to. Okay. Kinda feel like the bigger avocado may be easier. Let me see. - [Woman] What sort of design are you thinking? - I'm thinking of a person. I'm not artistic at all. I am a Pinterest failure all day long. Maybe I'll do a sunshine. I don't even know where to begin. Watch this. I'm gonna blow up the internet. I mean, I guess if you were staying in a spa or something, the chef may create something like this on your plate. - [Woman] So it's a little bougie? - A lot bougie. Now, I don't know how you get the insides out. Yeah, this might not have been the best design. I think I need the softer avocado. I'm starting over. 'Cause you gotta be able to pull those pieces out. I'm gonna do a flower. Oh yeah, this is the kinda you gotta use. - [Woman] Would you ever make these outside of this situation right now? - 1,000% no. I mean, it could be a stress reliever, but what else could someone be doing with their time? I'm getting the hang of it. I only know how to do one kind of flower. It's like the flower I used to draw in elementary school. I feel like I need a cuticle pusher. It's looking good. - [Woman] Is it meditative at all for you? - It is, it's-- I mean, maybe that's why people do it. - [Woman] Are you gonna do anything else to your flower, or just leave it a flower? - One thing at a time. I mean, what else would you do? You should quit while you're ahead. - [Woman] Do you feel really zen right now? - That's one word for it. Voila. Take that, internet. It's like a three year old's art project compared to a grownup's. Now let's go have some margaritas and guacamole. Mom vs Baby Groot Cupcakes
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