Nicole's been using a can opener the wrong way her whole life... or has she? - - I had no idea I've been using a can opener the wrong way. Now you know we all put the can opener on the side of the can, but that's wrong apparently. The right way is on the top. I gotta try this. Kay. Here we go. I feel like it's not doing anything. I don't know what's happening. You definitely have to use more elbow grease. Well, look it there. Y'all, it takes off the whole top of the can. This looks really dangerous though. Now you have the top of the can with jagged, metal edges. This also looks like the metal is going to get in the can. Just saying. Let me do it again. Remember, not this way, it's this way. It takes longer, but it comes off. But now look in here, you've got paper in your tomato paste I'm scared to touch the can. I'm not a fan. I'm gonna show y'all this one more time. Like it's not even moving. Is this really the right way? The liquid's everywhere, and look, paper in my pineapple. This can't be the right way to use this. It's definitely more dangerous. You get paper in your food, and it makes more of a mess. I'm going back to the old-school way. Wow, look how easy that is. Give it a twist, be careful, toss it. Now you're not going to cut yourself on the edges. I'm going old school. Mom vs. Dollar General
Mom vs. Cucuzza
Mom vs Kool-Aid Hair-Dye

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