Lunchtime is arguably the best part of school, so it’s a good idea to make sure your kids look forward to it. Our resident mom Nicole has gathered her best lunchbox tips so you can pack like a pro—plus, she tested out some of the internet’s most popular lunch hacks. 

Put it on ice
Kids don’t have the luxury of stashing their lunch in a fridge until it’s time to eat, so including an ice pack is key. Thinner ice packs are good because they save space. You can also just freeze one thing, like a drink, and the whole lunch will remain cool. Pack the ice first, at the bottom of the lunch box. Then, cover it with a napkin to prevent condensation, and place whatever needs to stay cold closest to the ice pack. 

Pack fruit like a pro
Invest in kid-sized plastic or glass containers for cut-up fruit, like melons or berries. They’ll get soggy in a plastic bag. You can also opt for fruits that don’t need containers, like clementines or whole apples—you can even slice apples and wrap them to save space, as Nicole demonstrates. 

Switch up the presentation
Even if you pack basically the same lunch every day, you can still spice them up to excite your kid. Take the sandwich: try wrapping your ingredients in a rollup, sticking them on a skewer, or serving them on a roll for some variety. 

Space matters
Bigger isn’t always better. Remember, kids don’t have a lot of time to eat, so keep it simple and strategize a bit. The fewer containers, the better. Try a streamlined approach like using resealable bags with the air squeezed out. 

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