Making an omelet seems like one of the less tricky things in a kitchen. It's just eggs, right? How badly can it go? If you've tried it you know that the answer is—a lot. Omelets are an art form. Getting the egg curd just right and set in the pan is a tricky process, and it takes some skill to prevent the whole thing from just turning into a pile of scrambled eggs. That's delicious! But it's not an omelet.

Luckily, Chef Joe Giacomino of Grey Ghost Detroit has some tips. In this video he shows off his unique method for making a show-stopping omelet. His choice of filling is Mexican, and he uses a ranchero sauce, but the technique he applies here could be used with any kind of cheese or filling you want. Or you can opt for a classic omelet with no filling at all, just a sprinkling of chives and a dollop of creme fraiche.

There's no wrong answer. But there is a right way to make an omelet, and now you can learn how to.  

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