This flavor-packed chicken entree is easy to prep, but definitely lives in the “company-worthy” category. You’ll want to place chicken breasts in between sheets of plastic wrap before pounding them to about 1/2-inch thickness in order to reduce messiness. Layer on garlicky spinach (that’s been sautéed in butter and white wine for peak deliciousness) and crumbled feta cheese, then roll it all up and you’re well on your way to one crazy-good dinner. One of our absolute favorite things about this recipe—you know, besides having two types of cheese and giving you reason to pop open a bottle of wine—is the fact that you’re getting in a couple types of fresh vegetables (spinach and tomatoes) along with your chicken, but it’s all done in a single skillet. That’s the way to win a weeknight, in our opinion.  Get the Recipe: Spinach and Feta–Stuffed Chicken

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