- I'm about to show you the coolest thing to do with leftover biscuits. It's make gravy. And I'm not making gravy to pour over the biscuit, I'm making the gravy with the biscuit. You know with the holidays coming you might find yourself with some leftover biscuits or rolls or something like that. I'm sure this would work with anything, but the biscuits give it the best texture. In here I've got about six crumbled up biscuits. And everything just goes straight into the blender. No standing over the stove in this recipe. And then three cups of warm milk. Whoop. It doesn't look like the most appetizing thing, but don't tell anyone what's in it. Oh, and a little Tabasco. You want it to go about two minutes, because you don't want it to be chunky. If you want it thicker, you can add more biscuits. I love this consistency. It's like a thinner gravy. I'm telling you, it's delicious. Mmmm, I'm gonna get one of my skeptics to come taste it. Do you trust me? - Sure. - I think you're gonna be surprised. - Okay, it's just biscuits, milk, butter, and Tabasco, that's all obviously. - Salt and pepper. - Shoot. - It's pretty good. - It is pretty good. - I know. I'm gonna tell you what this would be good served over, some fried chicken, some grilled pork chops or grilled chicken. I'm telling you, that is way easier than standing over, making a roux. It's like you're eating a chicken biscuit. Y'all that's good. How to Make Thanksgiving Leftovers Lasagna
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