These Pan-Roasted Mutton Chops with Salsa Verde make for a perfect springtime entree, and may just introduce you to your new favorite cut of meat. If lamb’s distinctly potent flavor is just a bit much for you, a mutton chop is the underrated cut you need to try. Mutton, which simply refers meat from a mature sheep (over 12 months in age) as opposed to lamb (under 12 months in age), is incredibly rich and savory, but is notably milder when it comes to that signature lamb-y flavor. Just imagine the hybrid of a lamb chop and a pork chop, and there you have it—the meaty and marvelous mutton chop. And because sheep loves a bright, herbaceous sauce (think lamb and mint sauce), we dressed these chops up with a vibrant green salsa featuring mint, parsley, and scallions. Get the Recipe: Pan-Roasted Mutton Chops with Mint Salsa Verde
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