Full of spicy, tender meatballs and melty, stringy cheese, these sandwiches are messy to eat, but totally worth it. If you want to tone down the spiciness to make them more kid-friendly, try subbing in mild Italian sausage for the spicy links. In a hurry, you can use jarred tomato sauce. Be sure to gently mix the meatballs so they hold their shape, but are not overworked (that’ll make them tough). You can form the meatballs up to a day ahead of time, and store them covered in the refrigerator. Serve the heroes with a big green salad, and toss any leftover meatballs into spaghetti the next night for dinner. Get the recipe: Sausage Meatball Heroes Sweet-and-Sour Meatballs
How to Cook Meatballs for a Crowd
Italian Meatball Sliders

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