In the latest episode of Mom Vs., Nicole tackles Murder Cookies, a viral recipe posted on Reddit. If you’re not an experienced baker, making cookies from scratch may not produce results that are to die for. Follow these tips so you don’t murder your cookies.

Don’t think you’re above the instructions
Hubris (a fancy word for having too much pride) is the easiest way to mess up whatever you’re baking. Before you even get started, read through the entire recipe at least once—it really helps to have an idea of what you’re supposed to do before you start actually doing it. Don’t just eyeball those measurements. Make sure you’ve got them down exactly, and let all the ingredients reach the necessary temperature. A little patience goes a long way.

Chill your dough
Temperature matters when it comes to baking, and we’re not just talking about inside the oven. If you prefer fluffier cookies, stick the dough in the fridge and allow it to chill for an hour, or, if you’re pressed for time, 30 minutes. Chilling dough allows the ingredients to rest and the butter to resolidify, which will yield thicker and fluffier cookies. Plus, since they won’t spread as much, you won’t have to break any cookies apart. Just look at Nicole’s two batches. Even though they tasted the same, the dough that chilled made much better cookies.

(Don’t) wait a minute
Okay, there is one rule that's fine to break: Baking time. No two ovens are the same, and a burned batch of cookies is a terrible way to reach that conclusion. Keep an eye on your cookies while they’re baking, and take them out a minute (or even a few minutes) early and inspect them. You can always bake a little more, but once a cookie’s burnt, there’s no going back.   

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