Nicole sums up the secret to perfectly browned beef with 3 simple words.
  - Did you know there's a better and easier way to brown ground beef? The three words to remember are leave it alone. Start by heating up your skillet. Then add the ground beef straight from the package. Flatten it just a little to make one big patty. But don't crumble yet. Let it go for a few minutes until it has a nice brown crust. Flip it, let it go a minute, and then you can crumble. Just break it up with a wooden spoon, and let it go until it's done. The browned crust means more flavor. Now, it's ready to go, in your favorite tacos or spaghetti sauce. So don't forget the three words to get the best browning on your ground beef, leave it alone. How to Make Copycat Doritos Locos Tacos
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