Here, Nicole shows you step-by-step the quickest way to cut a whole chicken into individual parts.
  - Breaking down a chicken is easy and cost effective. You don't have to be a butcher to do it. If you can find chickens on sale, stock up. You may pay six dollars a pound for already cut up chicken but a lot of times you can find whole chickens for half that price. The easiest way to start is by taking off the legs quarters first. Pull the drumsticks slightly away from the body. And make a little slice right through the skin. Follow the natural line along the chicken thigh. Turn the chicken over and then find the joint. Pop the joint just out of place to loosen it up a little bit. This is not glamorous. Holding the chicken by the leg quarter, run your knife along the natural separation. Trust me you'll be able to feel where the separation is. Repeat the process on the other side to remove the other leg quarter. If you find yourself running into the bone, just work your knife around it. The hard part's over. Turn the chicken breasts side up. I'm gonna show you how to get clean boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Feel the bone right in the center. Then place your knife just off to the side of that. Run it straight down and the breast meat will naturally release. Again repeat on the other side. There may be a little meat left on there. Sorry I'm not perfect. But now you've got the perfect carcass for chicken stock. And then finally the chicken wings for a little snack. Find the wing joint and run your knife just to the side of it closest to the body. These come off really easily. If you choose to leave those on an even more flavorful stock. For boneless, skinless chicken breasts obviously just remove the skin. There's a small flap of meat on the under side of the breast, that's the tender. It may not always be the cost effective way to buy a whole chicken. But if catch 'em on sale buy a few. For example if you buy three chickens then you've got six of each piece to have for later. Next time you're in the grocery store wondering if you can do it remember don't be chicken. Dislocate that Pop that - [Man] Well done after dark y'all. How to Make the Best Damn Chicken Pot Pie
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