When was the last time that you cooked something with peaches and Spam? Well, in 1954, that combination was all the rage, at least according to this recipe for Peach Fiesta Spam that Robin and Ivy have to make. Though both of them have to follow the recipe that's written, they're also allowed one additional ingredient. Robin goes for maraschino cherries, and Ivy, in a very retro twist, goes for pineapple.

Spam might not be as much of a household staple now, but in the 1950s it sure was, and it still has all kinds of culinary uses. Spam, as Robin reminds us, "has its place." In Hawaii, for example, rice and Spam rolls called Spam Musubi are widely popular, and there are many variations on what to add to make the Spam pop. If you're curious about dabbling with some of Spam's flavors, you could try something like this Pineapple Fried Rice and Spam to get a sense of how the flavors would work.

Will Robin's Fiesta Spam Bake win the prize? Or will Ivy's? Should you really spike Spam with cloves like a holiday ham? Will the special guest judge find either truly fiesta-worthy? Watch to find out.
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