In the latest episode of Food Stylist Versus, Rishon recreates the picture-perfect rotisserie chicken of your dreams: Plump, perfectly crispy, and evenly brown. Everyday life doesn’t call for iconic rotisserie chickens painted with Dawn and stuffed with paper towels. Instead, it’s all about getting a hearty dinner on the table with a little less effort. And while roasted chicken makes a fantastic main course, it also works well as an ingredient. Add some flair to your store-bought chicken with a few of these ideas. 

Use it in a soup
Chicken soup gets some nice extra flavor and comes together in minutes when an already-roasted chicken is involved. Not sure where to start? We’re partial to our Chicken Alfredo Soup and Lemony Chicken and Spinach Soup, which both start with a store-bought rotisserie bird. 

Stick it in a skillet
Shred up that rotisserie chicken and make this Cheesy Chicken and Pinto Bean Taco Skillet for one of the easiest weeknight dinners of all time. As long as you’ve got some variety of beans and toppings, you’ve got tons of options for customization. Plus, serving this is super intuitive: Just give everyone their own tortillas to fill. 

Spruce up a salad
Think traditional chicken salad is the only salad you can make with rotisserie chicken? Think again. Try shredded rotisserie chicken over pasta, like in this Lemony Orzo-Veggie Salad With Chicken, or over mixed greens, like in our Chicken and Apple Salad With Orange-Mustard Vinaigrette. For a health-forward option, try making some Orange-Almond Chicken-and-Cabbage Bowls

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