In the latest episode of Food Stylist Versus, Rishon gives an inside look at how food stylists stage three popular drinks—a Pina colada, a Bloody Mary, and a glass of beer. However, methods like fake ice and skipping the alcohol don’t necessarily work if you want to consume any of those beverages. Here are a few ways to elevate your drinks next time you play bartender.

Freeze those glasses
What do all three of the drinks Rishon staged have in common? They’re better cold. And a cold glass is just as important as a cold drink. Before you start preparing drinks, stash some glassware in your freezer to help create the optimal drinking experience. Plus, those frosty glasses will make the drinks look even better.

Get creative with garnishes
Think beyond the lemon wedge when garnishing your drink. Depending on what you’re serving, your garnish can play on a drink’s ingredients, like the pineapple fronds Rishon incorporates into her Pina colada, or add an accoutrement that complements the cocktail, like the strip of bacon Rishon uses to adorn her Bloody Mary. With some patience, creativity, and toothpicks, anything is possible.

Add flair with glassware
A solo cup may get the job done, but its presentation isn’t exactly wow-worthy. If you have a glass designed for a particular drink, use that—it’ll give a much better impression and help the drink taste its best. You could also use vintage barware or break out some fancier glasses for special occasions.       

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