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Credit: Trader Joe's

Even if you’re not an avid devotee of the Inside Trader Joe’s podcast, chances are you heard (or read) about one of their most anticipated releases of the year: Pimento Cheese Dip.

There’s a chance you’ve already tasted it yourself as well. The dip quietly rolled out over the summer, but not all Trader Joe’s stores release new products at the same time. Case in point? Our local franchise, which didn’t get it until the end of August. While we waited, though, we were enamored with other recent releases, including Bloody Mary Salsa, Mochi Cake Mix, and Ube Ice Cream. Anyway, on to the cheese.

A quick note: MyRecipes’ headquarters is in Alabama, so we have standards when it comes to pimento cheese (not too much mayonnaise, a flavor that’s not overwhelming, identifiable—but not clunky—shreds of cheese, and enough pimentos so it isn’t just cheese with mayonnaise, for example).

That being said, we enjoyed the Pimento Cheese Dip. As a “dip,” it’s creamier than a standard pimento cheese, kind of like a spread. TJ’s take on pimento cheese also has strong cheddar notes that evoke Velveeta vibes—the dip contains extra sharp cheddar, so the taste makes perfect sense. It’s creamy enough to spread on crackers and fruit slices, but will also hold up in a sandwich, especially anything involving melting or toasting.

The 10-ounce tubs run for $3.99 and are available now.