The orange wafers pack a powerful pumpkin spice punch.
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Pumpkin Pie Kit Kat
Credit: Hershey's

Compared with Japan, America still isn’t privy to a wide array of Kit Kat flavors. But there is one spin on the crispy wafer bar that the U.S. can boast, and it’s the perfect snack to sate seasonal cravings. Pumpkin pie, which Kit Kat debuted in 2017, is available online and in stores once more.

It’s unclear why Nestlé didn’t offer the fall flavor in 2018, but we’re glad the company decided to revive it this year. The pumpkin pie miniatures stand out against a sea of similarly flavored products, mostly because pumpkin pie translates so well to wafer form. But the casual pumpkin spice fan should be warned: These candies pack a surprising amount of flavor. The pumpkin spice-infused creme is potent, and somehow makes the miniatures seem a little creamier than normal. Because of their strong flavor, these candies may not be a favorite among the average trick-or-treater, but they'll go over well in an office candy bowl, or in your own private sweets stash.

The packaging for the fall variety is adorable, but could prove misleading if presented in a mixed candy setting. Featuring smirking Jack-o-lanterns with sunglasses, the wrappers are just generic enough to blend in with any Halloween mix. One could be forgiven for missing the tiny text designating the miniature a "pumpkin pie" Kit Kat, and easily assume the lightly orange Kit Kat inside is just a thematically colored white chocolate. Still, if someone does grab one of these special edition Kit Kats unwittingly, it shouldn't be a regrettable surprise.

Pumpkin pie Kit Kats are an acquired taste, in some respects. Like pumpkin spice in general, it's not a flavor that's exactly demanded on a year-long basis. But if you like most things PSL, and you like Kit Kats, then you should probably pick up a bag of this seasonal treat.