They’re like pork popcorn!
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Microwave Pork Rinds
Credit: Amazon

Gather round, bacon lovers and snack food aficionados alike, because I have discovered the secret to an utterly accessible, porky heaven.

For less than $14, you can obtain 18 bags of pork rinds. And not just any pork rinds—rinds as they were meant to be, still warm and actively cracklin’, having just recently puffed up, and dusted with delicious spices. Not only that, these pork rinds won’t leave a greasy streak across your fingers, and they’ll take only a minute or two to make (give or take). Friends, if you have not already stumbled upon this incredible snack food, let me be the first to introduce you to the concept of microwaveable pork rinds.

If you, like me, have only seen pre-packaged and pre-puffed pork rinds before, then microwaveable pork rinds might seem like a strange concept. But the bags of Lowrey’s Bacon Curls that I tried essentially work the same as popcorn. One key distinction: You won’t hear the rinds pop, so you’ll want to watch the microwave closely. They’re done when the bag stops puffing up. Other than that small nuance, if you can make popcorn, you can make microwaveable rinds.

The first thing you will notice upon opening the bag is the sizzling and crackling sounds the still warm pork rinds are giving off... glorious. You can be sure when you bite into one that it won’t be stale, like pre-packaged pork rinds found at local gas stations can sometimes be. The hot and spicy flavor offered by Lowrey’s is thoroughly delicious, though if you tire of that flavor, you can always buy a variety with less seasoning, like this 10-pound bulk bag produced out of North Carolina.

Microwaveable pork rinds, and pork rinds in general, also have the benefit of packing a lot of protein into only a few calories, making it a good potential pre- or post-workout snack. They’re also low-carb, if that’s important to you. All around, while obviously not a “health” food, they’re not the worst snack to grab for, given that animal products are in your diet. (Otherwise, I seriously doubt you’d have clicked this headline.)

Honestly, I’m not sure, after sampling microwaveable pork rinds, why pre-packaged brands have become the more ubiquitous option. Clearly, the joy of hearing your bag of rinds crackle like a campfire makes the microwaveable variety superior on the face of it. But the fresher taste and the warm temperature are also so pleasant, and a reminder of what freshly made pork rinds were meant to be as a snack food. If you’ve never been fully satisfied with the pork rind experience found in the chip aisle, give the microwaveable version a chance. I’m willing to bet, you won’t be disappointed.