It's a new month, which means new Jeni's flavors.
Credit: Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

School may be back in session, but that doesn’t mean that ice cream season is over. Ice cream season is a constant, and the folks over at Jeni’s agree. Their new August flavors complement the final days of summer.

As of August 8, Nectar Honeycomb, Green Mint Chip, Boston Cream Pie, and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookie will be available for a limited time in Jeni’s scoop shops. You’ll also be able to snag pints of Boston Cream Pie and Green Mint Chip online and in select grocery stores.

Only two of these new flavors are available as pints, so those are the ones we tried. Boston Cream Pie has a salty vanilla custard base with pieces of yellow cake and dark chocolate fudge swirled in. While Green Mint Chip isn’t necessarily a new flavor, this month’s release is an improvement over the old mint chip flavor. It’s less artificial, featuring an all-natural color and fair trade chocolate flecks.

Boston Cream Pie

The custard flavor really comes through here, without making the ice cream too sweet, a usual pitfall of pastry-inspired ice creams. This flavor nailed the inspiration and kept the saccharine and bittersweet notes balanced, preventing it from being overwhelmingly sugary

Green Mint Chip

Before it even reaches your mouth, Green Mint Chip’s peppermint aroma tantalizes your nose. The mint flavor is subtle and refreshing, and one taster noted the “diversity of size and shapes with the chocolate chunks is great.” The chocolate, which is distributed nicely, is good quality, and its bitter notes complement the peppermint ice cream. This is mint chocolate chip perfection.