Tortillas are a staple, so you might as well enjoy the best.

When it comes to versatile carb-filled staples, there are few commodities that can compete with the flour tortilla. Cheap and filling, pliable tortillas can be molded into soft tacos, burritos and a myriad of other filling, quick foods. But not all store-bought tortillas are created equal. Some provide more of a plush bite, whereas some lend more of a crisp, flakey texture once toasted in a pan. And with some companies offering low-carb or low-calorie options in addition to different sizings, it’s worth exploring the world of soft tortillas in more depth.

To make sure that your next burrito night goes off without a hitch, we tested five brands of tortilla, including two diet variations within the same brand. We also prepared them all in the same dish (jackfruit quesadillas) to keep some consistency, but we tried a bit of each plain so we could judge it on its own merit. Here are our rankings, from best to worst.

Best Overall

Mission Flour Tortillas: Soft Taco ($4.99 for 20)

If you’re looking for softness in your flour tortilla, look no further. Mission’s tortillas remained plush and pillow-like even after the quesadilla had been crisped in the pan. The tortilla also absorbed flavor from the butter we used to grill, which bodes well for enchilada fans who decide to use this brand. Although these tortillas were billed as soft taco sized, they’re as big as some of the burrito-sized tortillas we tried from other brands, meaning that they should work for nearly any dish.


Signature Select Flour Tortillas: Burrito Style ($2.49 for 8)

Safeway’s generic tortilla is a bit thinner than Mission’s, which means it gets a bit on the crispier side once it’s been toasted or grilled. That’s not necessarily a drawback, however, especially if you prefer your tortillas slightly flakey. However, it will mean that you’ll want to be a bit more careful with how saucy your fillings are when loading your tortilla up. Overall, the taste is comparable to Mission, as is the price, so if you’re hoping to make giant burritos, Safeway might be your new go-to.

Guerrero’s Homemade Flour Tortillas: Burrito Style ($3.99 for 8)

Guerrero’s is a rough middle ground between the thick, pillowy texture provided by Mission and the slightly thinner consistency provided by Signature. And, as a combo, it provides the best of both worlds: a crisp exterior and a plush interior. The price, however, is a bit much to swallow when you consider that you can get comparable tortillas in much higher quantity for a dollar more, or in the same quantity for $1.50 less. Guerroro’s may be good, but for the cost, it might be best saved for special occasions.

Best Diet Version

La Tortilla Factory: Light Flour Tortillas ($3.99 for 8)

Reduced calorie foods have a reputation for reduced taste as well, and La Tortilla’s low calorie tortillas certainly don’t have the depth of flavor that our top picks do. But as far as diet versions go, these light tortillas are fairly indistinguishable from their normal counterparts. They do cost as much as Guerrero’s though, without being able to compete in terms of size or plushness, but if fewer calories is what you need, then those factors might be worthwhile sacrifices.

Not Our First Picks

La Tortilla Factory: Low Carb Whole Wheat Tortillas ($4.49 for 10)

My sympathy to low-carb option seekers who have tried this brand, because these tortillas are simply not good. The whole wheat flavor is overpowered by the strange texture and aftertaste, which is somewhat like thick paper. Toasting the tortillas helps, but only a little. The tortillas are also exceedingly small for the price. Sure, there are only 11 grams of carbohydrates, but there’s only 17 in the light tortillas, and that’s still half the amount found in Guerrero’s or Safeway’s, which were our most carb-filled tortillas. If you need fewer carbs in your food, it might be better to stick with La Tortilla’s other diet option so that you can at least salvage your taste buds.

Old El Paso Flour Tortillas: Burrito Style ($1.75 for 8)

Price-wise, these tortillas aren’t bad. But they’re a bit small to truly be burrito style; in fact, they’re about the same size as Mission’s soft taco tortillas. And taste-wise, they’re fine, but nothing to write home about. For the sake of taste, texture and price, it might be better to shell out a couple dollars more for one of our top picks. But if your budget dictates cheaper tortillas, this isn’t the worst option.