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Credit: Tiffany Stevens

There’s nothing better during the summer than a delicious, fresh-off-the-grill hot dog — unless, of course, it’s a fresh-off-the-grill jumbo hot dog. Regular-sized dogs have their place, of course, but cookouts (and life in general) are just more fun with jumbo franks. But the process of choosing your jumbo franks is still important; no one wants a lackluster dog in a larger size.

To help you pick the plumpest, juiciest franks on the market, we rounded up five varieties of jumbo hot dogs, all of which are available in stores or online. Here are our rankings, from best to worst.

Best Overall

Hebrew National Jumbo Beef Franks ($5.49 for 4)

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Hebrew National is admittedly a bit pricey, especially considering there’s only four in the pack. That said, the brand’s hot dogs were far and away the favorite among our testers. These hot dogs plump up fantastically without becoming overly greasy; the beef used in Hebrew National’s franks also had the best seasoning among the varieties we tried. Hebrew National might be a bit of a splurge, but if you have the budget for it, these are definitely the dogs to bring to the grill.


Signature Select’s Jumbo Beef Uncured Franks ($8.49 for 8)

Credit: Albertson's


If Hebrew National’s dogs are a little pricey for your taste, then Signature Select’s is our recommendation for a close second pick. The generic brand’s seasoning was almost as delicious as Hebrew National’s, although the hot dogs did admittedly give off much more fat while cooking. Still, these franks are certain to satisfy your cravings without putting as much of a strain on your budget.

Hempler’s Bun Buster Franks ($5.99 for 6)

Credit: Mercato


Hempler’s Bun Busters didn’t have quite as much flavor as Hebrew National’s or Signature Select’s products, but the franks were still among our favorites, in part because of the crisp texture the skin took on during cooking. These dogs were also of a big enough size that two was more than enough to fill up our testers, so if you’re feeding a table with large appetites, this might be a good brand to go with.

Best Value

Jennie-O’s Jumbo Turkey Franks ($6.99 for 24)

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We won’t lie to you: these definitely taste like turkey dogs. That’s not a bad thing, necessarily, but if you shy away from hot dogs that lack a beef or pork taste, this isn’t going to be the brand for you. That aside, these dogs were still plump and delicious once cooked. But the number of franks included in the pack is the real selling point here; no other brand we found offered two dozen hot dogs for $7. For larger families, the slight flavor sacrifice might just be worth it for the savings.

Not Our Favorites

Nathan’s Jumbo Restaurant Style Franks ($5.49 for 5)

Credit: Instacart


As far as taste goes, Nathan’s delivers a fantastic hot dog. The flavor of their product was close to Hempler’s, and the crisping on the skin almost as good. The sin that leaves them in last place in this round-up is the size of their franks; compared to the others included in this taste test, Nathan’s dogs could hardly be called “jumbo.” If anything, they appeared to be the size of regular hot dogs. If that doesn’t bother you, however, then go ahead and grab some Nathan’s. You certainly won’t be disappointed with the content of the dog, even if the size is a bit on the small side.