We all scream for ice scream, but which ice cream sandwich made us scream the most?

By Tadhg Hylier Stevens
Updated June 03, 2020
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With the warmer weather already coming in, it’s understandable that more and more of us are increasingly drawn to the frozen food aisle. At this point, there’s something instinctual about the urge to sit outside in hot weather and eat a cool treat. For lovers of both baked goods and frozen desserts, ice cream sandwiches can especially be a satisfying way to beat the heat. But with a dizzying array of ice cream sandwiches available in stores, it may be difficult for some consumers to decide which brand has the best take on this classic summertime dessert. To find out which company offers the best ice cream sandwich, we sampled eight different varieties, all available online or in stores. We also decided to stick with the iconic chocolate cookie and vanilla ice cream combinations for our selections. Here are our rankings, from best to worst.

Best Overall

Klondike Sandwiches with Classic Vanilla ($3.00 for 6)

Credit: Target


There’s a common, unfortunate problem that many ice cream sandwiches share, and it’s that the cookie often begins to soften or even stick to your hands while you’re trying to eat through the treat. Klondike somehow seems to resist that tendency; their cookie is delicious, but doesn’t get soggy or sticky. Their ice cream is also fluffy but full of vanilla flavor. If you’re a fan of Klondike’s other treats, then their ice cream sandwiches are definitely worth a try.

Most Nostalgic Taste

Blue Bunny’s Simply Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches ($3.50 for 9)

Credit: Instacart


Blue Bunny’s vanilla ice cream has the slightest hint of artificiality, but there’s something about that flavor that takes us back to the playground. The sandwich’s cookie also had a richer chocolate taste than some of its competitors. If you’re looking for a treat that tastes closer to childhood, Blue Bunny is a good choice.

Best Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich

Tofutti Vanilla Cuties ($3.99 for 8)

Credit: Instacart


To be honest, if the box hadn’t told us as much, then we wouldn’t know that this ice cream is actually made out of tofu. It tastes almost exactly like Dairy Queen’s ice cream. The sandwiches themselves are a bit small, but they’re still satisfying and at a decent price point. For vegans and those who are lactose intolerant, Tofutti’s offering is worth stocking up on.

Best Soy-Free Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich

SO Delicious Dairy Free Vanilla Coconut Milk Sandwiches ($4.99 for 8)

Credit: Instacart


SO Delicious was definitely a close contender to Tofutti; it was bested only by the fact that unlike Tofutti, you can tell pretty quickly that SO Delicious is made with an alternative ice cream. Coconut is a pretty recognizable taste, and if you’re not a fan of it, then this ice cream won’t be for you. However, if coconut milk appeals, or if soy consumption is an issue for someone in your family, then we highly recommend giving these sandwiches a try. The ice cream is delicious and rich, and was firm enough to be eaten without dripping. The cookie stuck a bit to our fingers, but we didn’t mind so much.

Best Organic Ice Cream Sandwich

Alden’s Organic Ice Cream Sandwiches ($3.99 for 6)

Credit: Instacart


The chocolate cookie used in Alden’s treat was delicious, but the ice cream definitely was the stand out here. Although a bit drippy, the ice cream tasted the most like home-churned, with a good amount of vanilla and just enough sweetness. Sure, these sandwiches are a little pricier than the others, but they’re worth it for our money.

Best Budget Ice Cream Sandwich

Kroger Snowboard Sandwiches with Vanilla Ice Cream ($2.50 for 12)

Credit: Kroger


Sometimes generic offerings are just as high-quality as their name brand competitors. This is not one of those times. The chocolate cookie used in Kroger’s ice cream sandwiches won’t win any awards, and the ice cream definitely tastes of artificial vanilla. Still, just as we enjoyed the (much more scaled back) childhood taste of Blue Bunny, we still have a certain affection for these

Not Our Favorites
FatBoy’s Premium Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches ($8.79 for 12)

Credit: Walmart


While we absolutely adore the brand name, our biggest complaints about these sandwiches was that the ice cream was pretty flavorless. These treats may not be the expensive on our list, but they also aren’t cheap. Klondike and a number of our other picks provide better sweets for far less.

Skinny Cow’s Vanilla Gone Wild Low Fat Ice Cream Sandwiches ($5.09 for 6)

Credit: Instacart


These sandwiches look good enough, but once you bite into them, there’s no mistaking that it’s low fat ice cream. The ice cream is stiff, and so is the cookie, making it somewhat unpleasant to bite into. Rather than suffer through bad summer treats, you might as well reach for a brand that satisfies regardless of its fat content.